Tuesday, May 31, 2011

i had ice cream today. well okay it wasn't the real kind. i attended a family thing with ben and afterwards they all decided to go out for ice cream. it was rather hot and i didn't want to appear "weird" or "crazy" for not having something so i got this stuff called only8. it's a frozen yogurt with no fat, low sugar, low carb, etc. i got it because i thought it was an in between of ice cream or nothing and it didn't make me terribly anxious so yeah. i tried not to panic about eating it. i ate it rather fast for two reasons: one because it was melting all down the cone and two because i just wanted to get it over with. i felt okay right after i finished but later in the day i felt guilty. i give myself props for actually getting it though because a year ago i would never ever in a million years even thought about getting ice cream. ever. so congrats to me.

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