Monday, May 16, 2011

i just read a blog post with the title: When we keep company with other heroes, we become a hero as well. i was just thinking about this the other day. it's so true! since meeting my boyfriend and hanging out with him for the past year i have changed tremendously. i have learned so much from just being around him. his presence, alone, reminds me to be who i really want to be. he has showed me things that i would have never seen on my own and i thank him for that. i hang around with heroes and so then i become one too (even if it takes some time) :)

another blog post titled: you have already accepted yourself, has made an impact on me this morning. it says that i have already accepted myself and that ed is the one who can't accept me. however, he is trying to make me believe that i don't accept myself and then i get trapped. i need to remember that i accept myself and the way i am even though ed doesn't. that's his problem, not mine and when he comes around trying to tell me that i'm not good enough or other negative things, i'm not going to listen to him because i like myself and that's that!

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