Thursday, May 12, 2011

i wanna lay out in the warm rain and let it wash over me...let it wash away my past and pain and free me of worries. let it take away the things that haunt me and let me feel part of the earth...sinking.

i refuse to give into the negative thoughts that tell me im not good enough when ben says he wants to hang out with other friends. i refuse to give into the thought that its my fault that he isn't hanging out with them. it's a trap in my mind and i refuse to be caught.

the last couple of days i've had this strong urge to hike by myself for a week or so. i feel like i want to challenge myself and prove to myself that i can do things on my on and be responsible for myself...

lately i've been noticing the cuts and bruises i have, have been taking a long time to heal. i have one from at least two months ago when there was still snow and kezo tried to bite my leg. it still hasn't healed completely. i am a little worried about this...

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