Tuesday, May 24, 2011

necaps testing

i wonder if teachers feel powerful over kids...some of the looks on their faces wouldn't suggest otherwise. i mean  they have a right to, correct? to be powerful? i suppose. it's funny though, because i hate how they look at you like they're so much better or whatever you know? but then again, isn't that what i do? don't i put on a front that tells other people to stay back because i'm better? i'm skinnier than you so i'm better than you, right? WRONG!

i am neither beneath or above no one. we're all the same.

it goes two different ways: one-i think the whole world is thinking about me, talking about me, laughing, etc.
                                        two-i am nothing and nobody cares a fuck about me.

how can i find a middle ground to those thoughts?  how can i say: "i am cared for and loved but no one's talking or thinking about me as much as i think they are."

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