Tuesday, May 24, 2011

everything comes back to loving yourself, even with jealously. there was a quote i read yesterday that said jealously was about feeling unworthy, like someone is better and the at of not loving yourself. yep. i feel jealous simply because i don't love myself enough to let others so what they want to do and knowing i am just fine and wonderful even if they are having masses of fun and i'm home alone watching tv.

i also read a quote that said, "you can't be lonely, if you like the person you're alone with" and at first, like you saw in my other post, i was quick to say this would be true if i liked myself but then after i thought about it some more and after being honest with myself and challenging my thoughts, i discovered that i really do like myself, it's just ed that doesn't like me and is trying to get me to think that i don't like myself. fuck off ed.

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