Wednesday, May 25, 2011

some things that i found interesting while reading nourishing wisdom:

consuming "bad" food has never turned anyone into a bad person nor has eating "good" food made anyone a saint.

if we cannot give the body what it needs, we are unlikely to have any success in caring for the soul.

there is no such thing as a good food or a bad food.

whenever we label a food as "bad", we immediately start to fear it, think about it, fight it, sometimes crave it, and in many cases label anyone who eats this bad food as a bad person.

whenever we avoid anything, a homeostatic mechanism is set off driving us to reunite with it.

many people think that consuming a "forbidden" food is "bad" or the believe that "if i fully gave into my desire for the "bad" food, it would be insatiable. i would eat and eat and never stop." but extreme pleasure often turns into pain.

since we view  particular foods as bad, we consider our desire for those foods bad, which leads to seeing ourselves as bad for having the desire. and if in addition we give into this desire, then we punish ourselves by feeling guilty, or deprive ourselves of the desired food for months.

who is to say what is ultimately best for us to eat or not to eat in a given situation?

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