Friday, May 6, 2011

i was proud of myself today. instead of just saying 'good thanks' when someone asked me how i was, i said 'good thanks, how are you?" big step! i felt good.

ugh i feel so huge right now. i didn't walk a lot today. that's upsetting. i had a somewhat dinner.okay not really. my stomach is in pain from digestion? i'm not quite sure, but it makes my stomach look like it's pregnant. growl.

what is the point of calories and worrying about food and weight when we only have this one life to live? we only have this little amount time on earth, why waste it worrying about something that shouldn't really be a big deal. okay, so what if i have 3000 calories one day? does it really have to matter? food, fat grams, calories, those should be the last of our worries. life should be for living, laughing, loving. our weight has nothing to do with our worth. we should be worrying about being kind and helping others or enjoying the sun on a cold day or watching the sun rise. blah.

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