Friday, May 6, 2011

went to portland the other day with nicole. i thought i did good with food. we got bubble tea with tapioca pearls, i got strawberry while she went with chocolate. then we went shopping at the mall. i thought i did good with this too. one of the workers at delia's tried to help me with some shorts...i didn't take her help because the shorts were way out of my price range but what surprised me was how she guessed my size was a zero or a one. i didn't think anyone would look at me and think that! it made me oddly happy inside. we headed to whole foods after and i sampled:  buffalo chicken, chicken salad stuff, falafel, beans and rice salad, and a half of a quinoa cake.

felt more confident today. i had fun just hanging out with nicole. i hadn't done that in a while. i feel good about the  things i bought. two v-neck t-shirts, two pairs of shorts, and some cute socks. i feel like i could easily wear them this summer. i am trying to wear shorts more...but i didn't feel as anxious with nicole. it's easy being around her which then makes it easier being around other people. if i had gone to the mall by myself i would have been super anxious but since i was with her, it wasn't that bad.

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