Monday, May 16, 2011

re-framing thoughts about food:

food will solve all my problems
food will only solve the problem of hunger or craving.

if i have food on my plate, i have to finish it
i can leave food on my plate, save it, or throw it away

food is my life
there is much more to my life than food

i need to be in tight control around food
i can be comfortable with food without being in tight control

food will make you fat
tuning out my body's signals of hunger and fullness/satisfaction will make me fat

i can never get enough food
i know when i've had enough food and feel pleasantly satisfied

if i start eating something i like, i'll never stop
i can stop eating when i'm full or satisfied

i'm ashamed of how i eat
i can eat without feeling ashamed

feeling good or bad about myself depends on what i eat or don't eat
how i feel about myself has nothing to do with what i eat or don't eat

denying myself food shows i'm in control of my eating and , therefore, deprivation and restriction equal emotional strength
strength and control come from exercising my personal power in the world, not from refusing food

thin equals a happy, successful, perfect life
people can be happy and successful at any size, but no one has a perfect weight

fat equals miserable, unhappy, and no deserving of or enjoying a good life
i deserve to be happy and to enjoy life at any weight

feeling proud or ashamed of myself depends on what i weigh
my feelings of pride or shame come from what i do, not what i weigh

it's too scary to gain weight, even a pound
there's nothing scary about gaining weight

i'll never be happy with my body
i'm going to start being happy with my body today

i can't trust my body to feed itself in a way that keeps me healthy and satisfied
i trust my body to make healthy food choices and to know when its satisfied with food

my body will never learn to say yes and no to food at the right times and in the right amounts
i can teach my body how to say yes and no to food at the right times and in the right amounts

what people think about my body is more important than what i think about it
what i think about my body is more important than what other people think of it

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