Thursday, May 26, 2011

more necaps writings:

if i had a dime for every hair that i pulled out of my head or that has fallen out in just the last two hours, i'd surely be rich. i know it. i have to pee. i'm debating weather or not i want to go during the break or now. all the other rooms have break at the same time which means there would be so many people, but i don't want  to be noticed getting up now and going. i think i'll wait 'til break. it's getting harder to sit here though. the chairs are so uncomfortable. they should invest in comfy chairs. just saying.

i always have good advice to give others and yet i can't take that same advice and apply it to myself. is this normal?

twenty minutes left before break. time is moving very slow. yet it seems to be moving very fast too. odd.

DUDE! i can hold a conversation!! i'm so proud of myself. woo.

my list of "to do's" for the remainder of the day:

  • walk dogs in woods
  • dinner during tyra show
  • abs during ellen 
  • run at 5
so far today hasn't been too bad. i think mostly because i don't really know anybody, and the fact that i'm not going to see any of them again. i think it's helped me to focus on knowing that i'm just as good as any person here and i'm no worse. 

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