About Me

Hi wonderfuls, I'm Tayla, the girl behind the blog. Thanks for stopping by. I write about basically everything and anything but mostly about what goes on in my little head...I was diagnosed with anorexia about eight years ago (when I was twelve) and since then I have been searching for recovery and freedom.

If you want to read more about my story you can check it out here. I am currently living in Maine with my fiancee, Ben, but prefer New Hampshire where I grew up. I absolutely love hiking, walking, sprinting, kayaking (basically anything outdoorsy!) 

Some other things I enjoy are:

-Writing obviously. 
-Drawing (mostly doodles).

-Pinning everything on pinterest.
-Laughing until my stomach hurts. 
-Watching The Bachelor.
-Bruins Hockey. 
-Being "silly" with Ben (we're equally weird, or maybe I'm weirder).
-Making collage and silver jewelry. 
-Playing with my dog and kitten (just kidding, I don't really like playing with my kitten)

Ben's proposal spot. McAffee Knob, VA 2010

Me on top of Mt. Adams, NH

Engagement photo: Ben and I

Ten things you wished you never knew about me:

1. I'm super quiet or shy whatever you wanna call it, and I am a skilled at pretending not to see people I know. 

2. I collect spoons. Not just any though. Colorful plastic spoons and small baby spoons. 

3. I'm obsessed with muscle, weight lifting, kettlebells, etc. 

4. I eat grapes like they're going out of style. Wonderful. 

5. I LOVE scars. Totally obsessed. I think they look "dirty"...weirdo!

6. I got this tattoo on my arm for my 19th birthday to remind me that I need to use my own wings to fly. 

"She flies with her own wings"
7. I like taking pictures of myself making weird faces (I must say, though, Ben is the winner for the weird face award). 

8. I have a hard time sitting still for long periods of time...I'm like a dog...MUST be taken out or I will go bonkers! 

9. I keep track of memories. Mostly of Ben and I. 

10. I talk to myself when I walk. These are always the best conversations. 

Enjoy your lovely day :)