Friday, January 18, 2013

{new website, new journey}

Hey Loves!

I just wanted to make the official announcement that I have MOVED! You can now find me at 

I decided to create something new because my blog is changing a bit...I'm still going to be writing about eating disorder recovery and other things, but I want to add in some jewelry posts, art posts and also some fitness things! 

I also have a brand new products page on the new blog where you can view my artwork and order some if you want! And....I have created an awesome newsletter called Quote of the Day, where you can sign up to receive daily inspirational quotes from me! How cool is that?!

I will be slowly transferring favorite post and whatnot to the new website so it should have the same look and feel! 

I really hope you can join me on this new journey <3

Don't forget to like up my facebook page too!



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