Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today I woke up to massive amounts of snow...okay so maybe not massive, but enough to definitely not want to go outside, like at all. I let my mom take the dogs out which is not something I normally would be okay with, as I freak out if I don't do it myself, but today was different. I was freezing and just didn't feel like going anywhere and so I took a leap and challenged myself to listen to these feelings and stayed in. Ed didn't like this so much but that is okay. I don't care what he likes and dislikes anymore.

A little later in the morning I started my arms/abs workout and that made me feel like I actually got something done. I tried a new protein powder today...hemp protein. It was okay, kinda a little too grainy for me though.

It's hard for me to stay inside all day and try to find things to occupy myself but I am trying to constantly remind myself to stay calm and to relax, as this is something I rarely do. It;s also hard to continue to eat what I need when I know I didn't go for a walk like I normally do, but again, I have to tell Ed no and tell myself that I need food because of my workout (and just for staying alive obviously!) Easier said than done.

I got a call back from a lady at Mass General Hospital for a study I am going to participate in and made an appointment for next week. It's a study of how being at a low weight effects bone density and estrogen levels. Not exactly sure how it works but I will find out next week when I go and oh yeah, did I mention I get paid to do it? So yeah, sign me up! haha.

Anyways, off to find more to do...blah

I hate snow!


  1. I've always wanted to try hemp protein powder. How did you try it? In baking? smoothie? drink?

  2. Yeah I just put it in the blender with a banana and water and some turmeric...milk probably would have made it taste better though!

  3. hey! it is so nice to meet you! I got your comment on my fb page so i decided to head over to your blog! You are beautiful and your blog is so nice and I love how you can openly talk about your feelings. You can win this battle, and God definitely IS THERE. (i read your about me page)<- ;)
    anyways hope you are well and thank you so much for your comment it means SO much for someone to say that!



  4. Aw Thank you!! You are beautiful as well and stay strong!<3

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