Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I "kind" of Ate Wednesday and a Review!

Top of the morning to ya! Hope you all have been having a fantastic week :) This week I wanted to kinda switch things up a bit..I'm getting tired of taking pictures of my daily eats over and over again, as most days I consume the same things (I know, I know, not a good thing) anyways I thought I'd throw a few pictures at you of some things I've tried that are NEW and then I have a review on a great product!! Sound good? GREAT. Let's get rolling. Oh and thanks to Jenn for always putting this together every week!

Yesterday, as I explained in my last post I went to Mass General Hospital to complete the second visit of my study. I had blood work done (in the children's hospital! woot!) then wet over and got a metabolic test done where they put a big astronaut bubble over my head and measured how fast/slow my metabolism was...I will find out the results in the next couple of days so that is exciting! I've always wanted to know this information. I was then bombarded with tutorials about how to take all of the medication they are giving me and how to shoot myself with a needle twice a day...they are giving me an estrogen patch, progesterone, calcium and vitamin D, and for the injections I don't know if it's a placebo or actual IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1). 

It sounds worse than it actually is believe me. It's really not too hard! The worst part is the needle DUR so's a pretty good deal though, I get paid to have all these cool tests done with the result of possibly improving my bone density and such. I'll take it! When I left the hospital I was carrying this: 
After I was FINALLY done at the hospital, I headed to BoYO Froyo for my first experience of some frozen yogurt! I can't believe I haven't tried this stuff earlier! Oh I know why, because MAINE is poop and there are NONE near me :( Such a sad thing. Anyways, this is what I got:
Mint Yogurt with Chocolate
Chips and Coconut Flakes!
It was a shock at first because the yogurt was more tart that I thought it would be, but it was HEAVEN...really it was. So GOOD. If you've never had Froyo, go try some now! I mean it. 

Another thing that I tried this week was Crystallized Ginger. OMG go try this stuff, it is AMAZING. 

Here's a silly picture of Marlin after he got his SPRING haircut! He's such a cutie :)

Talking about spring, I LOVE this season! Not only is it when the snow finally realizes that everyone hates him and goes away, but it's also when everything is new again. The trees start to bud new leaves, flowers begin the decent back to earth, grass becomes green again...okay you get my point. I love it because to me, it means GROWTH and new beginnings. I think I tend to feel happier during this time too, I mean it's warmer and I love that, but also because it makes me realize how precious life is and how we are so lucky to be alive here on earth. We are surrounded by such beauty and we should EMBRACE it!

I was graciously sent a HUGE package of Gnu bars recently and have finally tried all of them!
(Get ready for an overload of photos)...

Gnu is a small company that started in 2004 making all natural high fiber bars that promote heart health and regularity. The bars are packed with 12 grams of fiber per bar! You can learn more about the importance of fiber for health here
Like I said, the Gnu's sent me two bars in each flavor and lets just say I absolutely loved them all!
This is how I tested them all! I cut off a
little bit of each bar and then sampled it!
I must say, the SMELL of these bars was FANtastic! By far the best smelling bars I have ever had!
Banana Walnut: Smelled just like homemade banana bread fresh out of the oven! The taste was amazing, just like banana oats. mmmm yum. 
Blondie: Amazing smell! Wonderful flavor...chewy, like baked oats! 

Blueberry Cobbler: Smelled like fresh blueberry muffins. Real chunks of blueberries! The flavor of the berries was really prominent and delicious :)

Carrot Cake: Mmmm yummy smells of carrot cake! Tastes just like it too! Real chunks of carrot. 

Chocolate Brownie: Amazing smell (obviously)...tasted like a real chocolate oat brownie! I love the texture!

Peanut Butter: It's like eating peanut butter straight from the jar! My favorite :)

Cinnamon Raisin: Super yummy cinnamon smell! Tasted so good, just like a real oatmeal raisin cookie!

Okay so obviously as you can tell, I loved these bars! I just loved the overall texture and flavors of all of them. It was like yummy yummy oatmeal in a bar :) I highly recommend them! 

You can order from their website and get all of the nutrition information here! Do it! 

From their website: At Gnu Foods, we create foods that help keep us in natural balance. Our foods are designed with you in mind, made with all natural ingredients every body needs. Since you were our inspiration, we hope you give Gnu Bars a try. And pretty soon, you’ll be feeling like a “gnu” you.

Have you tried these wonderful bars? 
Why have't you? 
Did you LOVE them?

Before I forget, go check out my guest post I wrote for Libero! You can find it here!
Take care loves :)

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