Friday, March 2, 2012

soooooo, I start a new job today (four to nine) and I'm pretty super nervous. I have so many thoughts running through my mind it's not even funny. What will they think of me? What if they realize I'm not what they were looking for? Will I mess up? You get the point haha.

The job is at a local cafe down the road from my house and as far as I know, I will be waiting tables, manning the cash register, and possibly throw in some baking/kitchen help as well. The owners were extremely nice and laid back and basically said I could work whatever I wanted and since I love baking, she said we could figure something out where I could do that, which would be awesome!
I just hope it goes okay tonight. By the way she was talking, it should be that hard...she called it "easy peasy" hopefully I'm stressing over nothing.

One of my fears, and this is also just a general fear, is coming across as "trying to hard", as in over-dressing, fixing my hair, etc. I fear of what they're going to think of me is an easier way to put it I guess. This is something I just have to get over sooner or later...

Any who, here is the outfit I chose to wear (she said casual clothes):
Crappy ipod photo sorry:/
Just some nice jeans with a weird shirt and I straightened my hair, something I hate to do because it takes FOREVER. I figure on just wearing my sneakers as my Uggs seem like an odd choice. Looking at this photo now, maybe I'll go change my shirt...hmm...

Blah...wish me luck :)

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