Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday Blues with Some Sunshine

Saturday night was...let's just say AWESOME at work! Wow, I never though I'd say that. We were packed and I was running around like a wild women trying to make everybody happy, but I must say, I thought I did a damn good job. I was super proud of myself for not completely freaking out. I even managed to smile and be friendly (something that is not always easy for me). As a bonus, I made some nice pocket cash, which is always needed!
Despite the good mood I was in after work, it all went down hill fast when I started to talk about wedding things with Ben. It all got way too overwhelming and I just broke down. I get so excited about planning everything but when I start to think about the money and how we're going to pay for it, that's when I freak out. I had a bit of a tantrum and then finally went to bed to try to forget about everything. Luckily when I woke up I was feeling better. During my walk that day I started thinking about how maybe waiting another year before getting married might be wise...I mean for the obvious reasons of money and such but also because I like 2014 better than 2013 (again for obvious reasons). All I know is that I LOVE Ben more than anything in the world and spending my life with him is my biggest dream and that's all that matters.
Ben and I 2010
Sunday was a long, boring day for the most part. It rained. I was sad. I went for a run but it sucked. I worked out and then felt good. Then I walked and got soaked. For dinner I made pizza again, only this time it turned out A LOT better...I spontaneously started craving cheese so I looked up how to make pizza dough and turns out I had everything so I got started! It wasn't too hard, all I had to do was mix all the ingredients together and then kneed it and let the yeast do it's magic. When everything was done it looked like this...
It was very good and Ed seemed to be somewhere else while I ate it, which was a relief. I felt normal and really proud of myself for listening to my body and giving it what it was craving.

Sunday was also a long day for Tucker...since it was raining when I let him out he just came right back in. He was running around the house, messing everything up and making me mad...sometimes I wonder how I'm ever going to deal with kids haha!

Today I have to head down to Boston again for the second appointment of the study thingy that I am doing so I'm not too excited, but I do get paid and that is also a good thing! I am also going to hopefully walk around Boston a bit, maybe wonder to Whole Foods or a fro-yo place...I've never had fro-yo and everyone keeps saying how good it is, so I guess I'll have to go see what it's all about.

Okay now onto the good part of the day...

THE OFFICE! I haven't watched this show in some time and oh how I have missed it! I think I watched four episodes and just couldn't stop laughing. It was so awesome!
I made three collages! I hadn't done any art for a couple months because I just had no interest for it but I finally decided to just DO IT and it turned out to be really good. I made some really cool pieces (pictures coming soon!)

And here are some recent pinterest finds that I love...

Hope you had a good weekend :)


  1. aw I am so glad ypu have Ben in your life, and your pizza sounds so nice.

  2. oh girl you so need to find a fro-yo place immediately! we dont have one near me but any time we travel my husband and I seek one out! i hope you are feeling better about your wedding plans and the future. it can be over whelming but thats because the emotions are so intense and exciting! you and ben are adorable and I am so happy you found one another :-)