Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm Proud Of Myself Friday

Weeee so it's finally Friday, which actually doesn't mean much to me, as I am not in school and my job involves me working on the in some aspect I love Monday's more!

Anyways, I came across something in my book that I just finished called Life Without Ed by Jenni Schaefer and wanted to share it with you. I really loved this book by the way and I have learned so much from it, but one exercise really stood out to me. She explained how it was helpful to try to focus on the positive aspects of recovery and your life and suggested, at the end of each day, writing a list of some positive things that happened or things that you are proud of. 

I tried it out for the last two days and here is what I came up with:

  • challenged myself at lunch by having two pieces of bread instead of one
  • challenged myself at dinner by having a fear food: pasta
  • bought gas (a whopping $3.79!) even though I didn't want to
  • called my Dad finally
  • put peanut butter in my yogurt at breakfast
  • took a long walk with my mom and didn't freak out over having to walk fast
  • focusing on loving and believing in myself while I was at work
  • not being so hard on myself for making mistakes
  • asking questions and for help when I didn't know what to do at work
  • being enough
  • telling Ben about my current food plan and accomplishments
Some of these weren't crazy difficult, like calling my Dad, but others like not being so hard on myself was quite a challenge but it paid off because it made work a lot more enjoyable and it made me feel good inside. 

The last thing on the list was something that I wasn't expecting to do just because I wasn't sure how Ben would react...sometimes when I tell him things I don't get the response I want (which is my own assumptions of course!), but last night I told him how I was struggling to get enough calories and he asked how many I was currently getting, so I told him and he responded with something I wasn't expecting. He told me how proud he was of me and what a good job I was doing. He said that the changes that I have made were so awesome and that I should be proud of myself! 
As you can tell I was semi-shocked...I was pretty ecstatic! It's awesome knowing that someone else is proud of you for something that you have worked really hard to do. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was terrified to go anything over 900 calories and now I am up to 1700!!! This usually would freak me out but I am so happy with myself for conquering this feat!! I realize I need more for all the exercise I am doing, but hey, I'm making slow progress and I'm so proud of myself :)

Sooooo, what are some things that you're proud of yourself for? What are some things that put a smile on your face this week??


  1. Congrats on all your achievements, I love that song from Kelly clarkson reminds me a lot of my ed.

  2. Thank you!! Yeah, I think about Ed when I listen to this song as well, he sucks but he's making me stronger!! <3

  3. Wow Tayla look at your self on this day!! Amazing work and yes, you should be proud :)

  4. Oh wow.. good on you!! Great achievements, you have every right to be proud of them :)

  5. Oh my gosh. You go, Tayla!!!! You are so strong. Thank you for being my inspiration! :D