Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Survey Time

i love doing survey’s so here's my first one for the blog world..thanks to Janetha over at Meals and Moves for putting together this fun little survey today!! enjoy :)
A is for age: 19 :)
B is for breakfast today: blood orange chobani with oats, carob chips, bee pollen, chia seeds and white chocolate peanut yums. i found these new oats and they are good!

C is for currently craving: hmm...more carob chips! 
D is for dinner tonight: not sure yet..maybe mac n' cheese??
E is for favorite type of exercise: hiking and weight training!
F is for an irrational fear: i know lady bugs are supposed to be good luck but they freak me out...i hate them!
G is for gross food: tofu...sorry i just hate the texture.
H is for hometown: scituate, massachusetts.
I is for something important: i'd like to try to come up with something more inspiring than this but my computer is very important to me...i can't live without it!
J is for current favorite jam: polaner all fruit black cherry jelly! 

K is for kids: one day!
L is for current location: Ben's bed..watching tv while he sleeps (he's sick like a little baby awww).
M is for the most recent way you spent money: my foodie penpal box!
N is for something you need: money? haha i don't know...i can think of a lot of things i want but not sure what i really need. 
O is for occupation: student? not sure you can say that but i will be in the fall...i'm just a working girl at the moment.
P is for pet peeve: people who move slow or take a lot of time to do things (a.k.a Ben!) 
Q is for a quote: "She flies with her own wings." (my tattoo)
R is for random fact about you: i'm straight up WEIRD...just ask Ben...sometimes he's not sure what's wrong with me haha. 
i'm a weirdo...

S is for favorite healthy snack: pear and peanut butter...yumminess.
T is for favorite treat: white chocolate chips...yeah they're like heaven just sayin..
U is for something that makes you unique: uh everything! haha i don't know, i have red hair if that counts!
V is for favorite vegetable: peppers :)
W is for today’s workout: rest day for moi!
X is for X-rays you’ve had: when i broke my pelvis they took many...
Y is for yesterday’s highlight: my workout! it felt awesome..i was shaking by the end :)
Z is for your time zone: eastern daylight time...we just lost an hour :( but now it's light until like 8pm!!
so there you have it...maybe you learned something about me!! yay :) now off to cuddle with Ben and finish listening to the top twenty country countdown!!

What are you up to this Sunday afternoon?? 

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  1. He-he, this is such a great post. I'm so glad I got to know you better! I live in the central time zone -- I totally agree: I love how it's light outside until 8pm! :D

    YAY for carob chips! <3