Friday, March 30, 2012

Overload Friday

The Lean Green Bean
I was so excited to finally join the foodie pen pal loop this month! I was excited to be able to shop for someone other than myself and pick out awesome, cool foods to include in my package, and then to get one in the mail from someone across the country was just SWEET.
I was paired with Carolyn and here is what her gracious heart sent me:
A beautiful card with some wonderful words on the inside :)
In the box: plantain chips, an espresso cookie, starbucks coffee (hot and ice), justin's peanut butter, peanut butter and co. dark chocolate dreams, edamame, pizza dough mix, oatmeal packs, mint chocolate square, hot chocolate, green tea, craisins, and somersault cookies!

Let's just say that about all this good stuff is gone mom devoured the starbucks coffee (she has a new favorite!), the plantain chips were amazing, I've never had them before so that was new for me. My mom also ate all of the somersaults (she's a sneaky one). Ben and I had the hot chocolate while he was here on break, SO good. I found a new favorite too, the edamame! Super salty and yummy. The pizza from this post was from the dough was a little tough to work with but very yummy! Again, my mom loved the espresso cookie...she's just taking everything haha! 

Anyways, as you can tell I had massive amounts of fun with this and am already looking forward to next month :) If you want to learn more about getting involved head over to Lindsay's site and check it out!

Okay now on to my normal Proud Of Myself Friday! This week has flew by...I can't believe it's already are some of my accomplishments for the week...

  • being able to manage the SUPER busy night at the cafe without too many mistakes
  • making pizza and actually eating it...TWICE
  • writing my guest post on the Libero Network 
  • being able to follow the instructions for the study (the needle isn't as bad as I thought)
  • pushing through periods of feeling gross all over
  • having a real conversation with a customer at the cafe 
  • being more relaxed during work
  • picking myself up after a mental break down
  • keeping my motivations in mind and reminding myself why I am worthy day after day
  • not freaking out when I couldn't go for my normal two walks yesterday
  • making and having mug cake (photos to come)
  • making and trying this (i used cottage cheese and chocolate peanut butter instead)

This week has also been especially difficult with Ed stuff...he's been trying to get my to question everything about my eating and workouts ALL THE TIME! I'm so sick of him and his freakin, no good lies! I have been trying constantly to fight back and disobey his ruling commands. It's been superduper hard but I think it's easier when I keep these things in mind:

  • Ed IS NOT going to give me the dreams I want...he's only going to give me unhappiness and probably death.
  • I don't merely want to survive...I want to LIVE.
  • My worth is NOT based on what size my clothes are or if my thighs touch or not, or if I have a little fat on my worth depends on the size of my heart, the width of my soul, my talents, etc.
  • Ed equals ZERO control
  • Strong is the new healthy!
  • I want kids one day and if I continue down the destructive-Ed path, that won't happen.
  • I am worthy and deserving of a life free of Ed. I deserve to be happy and strong and loved. 

If this wasn't enough for a post I also have a little WHOLE FOODS action for you!
My mom and I headed into Portland on Wednesday for some Whole Foods shopping and to get my transfer school all set up...omg I forgot to mention that I am finally going to start classes again! Woot. I will be enrolling in the Business Program online starting April 18th!! I'm super excited. But back to the real excitement...
I got beets, chicken, peppers, shrimp salad with snap peas and carrots.
My mom got chowder with chips and guacamole. 

The Haul: wallaby yogurts(on sale!), edamame, hazelnuts, almonds, pecans, raw honey, tazo tea, cacao nibs... 
sweet potatoes, vegan carob chips, a lemon, Justin's peanut butter, feta cheese, brown cow yogurt, dates, and ginger!
It was awesome! My mom and I had so much fun looking around...we could have easily bought more but we racked up the money as it's not an everyday thing for us to go to whole foods so it was worth it!

Hope you all have an awesome Friday and a fantastic weekend!


  1. You got some pretty awesome goodies! Everything looks delicious! :)

    Yay for all the great accomplishments! I am so proud of you!
    Yes, you are worthy and loved!!

    Have a great weekend as well! <3