Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIAW #3: Still Learning but Making Progress

Hellloooo lovelies!

This week has been kind of off for me (in a good way)...Ben got home Saturday for spring break, so obviously I have been wanting to spend as much time as possible with him, but it's been hard for me because it's a sure stray from my usual routine and this is quite scary!

It's made me realize and question some of my behaviors as well though, which is always a learning process but it's worth it.
The biggest thing that is a red flag for me is comparing my eats with Ben's...I feel like I get hungry more often and thus feel like I'm always eating more than he is (which Ed obviously hates!). It's been hard for me to continue to just eat what I eat and move on, I'm getting too caught up in trying to figure out what he's eating and when and how much just to make sure I don't have more.

This is messed up, don't worry, I know! I'm working on it but it's slow.

I woke up early, as Tucker woke me up by his constant scratching at my door...grr he's so annoying! 

Anyways, it was good because I got up and worked out before Ben got up. I have been having trouble doing my regular workouts because I've been at his house a lot lately. I did a full body strength routine and it was nice! I was starving by the end!

Chobani yogurt with oats, bee pollen, chia seeds,
and raw cocao powder..I had a spoonful of white chocolate peanut
butter as well :)
Ben finally woke up at ten something! So late. I made him a nice pretty omelet but failed to snap a picture before he ate it all :p

I cleaned up the whole house (so my mom would be happy) and then just hung around for a bit watching tv. It's so nice having Ben here again...I've missed him so much and he makes me so's just Ed that screws everything up and puts a huge damper on everything. 

I'm learning to just let go and let things play out and try to relax but it's hard, as I'm such a planner! I always have to have a plan for everything and with Ben all plans go out the window so yeah, I kinda freak out. 

Ezekiel bread with laughing cow cheese and jelly
with cottage cheese, tabbouleh, and peppers
I wasn't hungry for a snack today so I tried to have more for lunch. Un-pictured was a spoonful of peanut butter. 

Ben and I decided to go for a walk since it was so warm out. Marlin came with us and Tucker came too...he's so cute.

Marlin on the rocks.
Ben and I headed out to subway later to get him some lunch and then got the car washed! We picked out the movie Drive and then Ben wanted some snacks (mike and ikes and seven up)...we've already seen Drive but we decided to watch it again just in case we missed something...I'm always up for seeing Ryan Gosling again so I don't mind!! haha. 
It's the oddest movie I've ever seen!

When we got back I had a snack...

I got this coconut water at the health food store while we were out and it was awesome! Very  good! The edamame were good too!
We watched The Office for a long while before cooking up some dinner...we attempted this last night but realized we needed to let the dough rise so we saved it for tonight instead.

This is the was kinda doughy but yummy!
Ed screamed at me while I ate it but hell I wanna live life and eat good pizza so f*ck him! I was really proud of myself for making and having this because a couple of months ago I would never have. Period. It would've been too scary for Ed but we broke up...and I'm not scared.

While we watched out movie we made hot chocolate from a mix that Ben's mom gave me. It was de-lish!

Well, that was my day! A good one in deed :)

I hope yours was just as good! 
What did you do? 


  1. I am so proud of you for all your eats, but the pizza especially. I had my first go at real pizza last week and i KNOW how HARD it is, but my goodness it was SO good! I can relate to your posts so much and I hope you know you are not alone! keep at it girl. you are awesome!!!

    1. Thanks it was hard but worth it! Stay strong as're doing great and I love reading your posts!!

  2. Keep eating more Tayla! ANd don't forget a nighttime snack. Hot chocolate is just a little drink. Movies go nicely with popcorn, muffins, ice cream with chocolate chips!

  3. so proud of you, pizza is one of big fear foods too. keep challenging yourself and shouting at the ed!!! remember it lies, and pizza is okay to eat:) I can relate to what yous aid about your partner, I am the same with mine. just remember that everyones bodies are different, and as a recovering anorexic you do need more.

    1. Yes I will keep shouting at Ed!! You too :) I'm glad I'm not the only one with comparing food to's a hard thing to change but I'm trying!! <3

  4. I am so proud of your, Tayla! It's all about the one steps at a time. You can do this, girl! :)