Friday, March 23, 2012

Proud of Myself Friday

Friday. Woot. This week has been one of crazy ups and downs and weird feelings. (CAUTION: sorry for the negativity in advance). Ben left Sunday to go back to school so I felt pretty down in the dumps that day:( Monday rolled around and my Mom worked which left me home alone, not like that is anything new though. Tuesday was a doctors visit and I have to admit, although I like the new doctor, she seemed strange and I felt like I was 5 again, but there are worse things I guess. Wednesday was a good day for the most part, it was so nice out that my Mom and I went kayaking on the ocean! 
It was slightly windy but we got a good arm workout in haha! Thursday was interesting...I felt pretty sad because my Mom left to go to NH for the weekend and I was bored all day, I tired hanging my hammock out but exciting thing that happened though, was that I got a package from GNU foods, so watch out for a review coming soon!! I also had to work last night, which to put lightly...SUCKED. It was so pointless that I was even there because it was dead slow, and I just kept letting things get the best of me, so yeah it was rough. So that brings us to today, which has started out pretty good, I woke up and went for a nice walk and then ran out to the store to get a couple things. While I was driving I thought that maybe I'd go for a hike on Sunday (if the weather is good, which it might not be)...sooooo yeah, my week in review. Pretty much poopy but I do have some things that I am proud of, if you can believe it! 

  • not freaking out or having a tantrum when I wanted to just lay down after work but everyone wanted to watch the UMaine hockey game and talk.
  • letting go and having a couple of drinks (GASP!)
  • going to work even though it was the last thing I wanted to do!
  • reaching 2,000 calories even though I felt disgusting the whole day
  • pushing through the rough days when Ed was so loud 
  • talking back to Ed when I felt gross
  • cooking something different for lunch (sweet potatoes and couscous!)
  • eating when I was hungry even though I didn't want to (or Ed didn't want me to)
What are you proud of? What did you do this week? Plans for the weekend?


  1. Aw, sorry that you've been feeling down! I hope you have a nice weekend, though!

    Thats so nice that you went kayaking with your mom! :)
    Love your list of things you reached this week! You are kicking that ED! Keep on going and dont give up! You are so sepcial and deserve the very very best!

    1. Thank you for your loving support! Giving up is never an option:) I hope your weekend is good as well :)

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