Tuesday, February 28, 2012

WIAW # 1: My Day

My first WIAW from Jenn at Peas & Crayons. 

Woke up at seven-ish and made this mess...waited for my mom to get home from work and took a nice long walk with her and the dogs, although Kezo was being abnormally slow. 
4oz chobani oranges and cream greek yogurt,  half a banana,
chia seeds, wheat germ, raw chocolate powder,
bee pollen, muesli,  and carob chips
 Tucker decided he needed to try my drink...couldn't tell if he liked it though. With my shake I had an un-pictured hard boiled egg with ketchup. 
8oz original coconut milk with spiru-tein
cappuccino protein powder and
some turmeric powder
I worked out while my mom took a nap in my bed. It was an arms day so here is what I did:


  • flat press
  • chest flies
  • side laterals
  • front laterals
  • shoulder press
  • bicep curls
  • concentration curls
  • tricep kickbacks
  • one-arm tricep extensions
  • dips
  • bent lateral
  • upright row
I did twelve reps of each and ran through the set three times. It was fun!

Halfway through the workout I remembered that I hadn't taken my herb drink yet. The acupuncturist I go to precribed Chinese herbs for me to take which are supposed to help with my anxiety and with building internal strength. They taste horrible so I had a little bit of agave syrup and it helps. 
These are the raw herbs..I cooked them
and strained them for a tea-like drink

Lunch was difficult, as I had to constantly remind myself that Ed is a freakin liar and that I must eat for strength. 

Salad with toubouli, broccoli, and feta cheese
A pear with white chocolate peanut butter

It was such a nice day that I took Marlin (my golden) for a walk at a place next to the ocean. It was beautiful and when I got back I was completely surprised to see a box of flowers on my door step...

Beautiful Roses from Ben for out
Two Year Anniversary!

After figuring out my flowers I snacked on a piece of this bread...my mom and I went to Freeport, Maine yesterday and picked up this Chocolate bread at the When Pigs Fly Bakery! It's amazing!

After my mom woke up we watched Ellen together and I made dinner.
Homemade sweet Potato Chips with
steak and ketchup

Peppers with hummus
I followed my dinner with an ab routine which went something like this:

15 crunches
15 straight leg butt/hip lifts
15 bent knee butt/hip lifts
15 crunch plus butt/hip lifts
15 toe reaches
15 bike crunches
15 leg lifts
1 minute plank
30 second side planks

I completed this three times and then watched Cupcake Wars!! Woo :)

My snack for the night was one of these babies with some carob chips:

Alright, off to finished my Nicholas Sparks book and to get some rest!!


  1. Looks like you had a day of yummy eats! :) I would love to try a Vitatop sometime.. I really wish they were sold here in Germany.

    Yes! Kick that ED out of the way.. he's such a liar!!! You NEED to eat to see results from working out!

    Aw, thats so sweet of Ben to send you some flowers! :) Congrats on the two years!!

    Oh and, welcome to the WIAW party!!

  2. Thanks Shannon!! The Vitatops are delicious...just saying! I got inspiration from your WIAW so thank you for that!!

  3. He-he, Tucker is so cute. :)

    How did you make your sweet potato chips? They look fabulous!

  4. Sweet Potato Chips! So good...I just cut up into chips and mix in some water and spices and throw them in the oven for about 20 minutes and wah-la!!