Friday, February 10, 2012

i am very proud of myself for the last couple of days. let's start with two days ago, i walked right into a cafe in my town and dropped off my job application without backing out like i usually would do,and then yesterday my mom and i went thrift shopping around 1pm and didn't get back until  5pm, normally this would be an issue for me because i like to walk twice a day and preferably in the light, but to my amazement i stayed calm and continued to have a fun time with my mom and we went for a wonderful walk in the dark when we got back. and then today, i went in to that same cafe for a job interview and didn't feel too nervous...i felt happy and hopefully they thought so too! so, it's either the acupuncture or the seredyn or both but something is working and making me less anxious and irritable!! all is good.

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