Monday, February 27, 2012

Ed and His Deceiving Tricks

Last night while reading Life Without Ed, I found something cool that stuck with me and it's about Ed and his hypnotizing ways. Ed hypnotizes me. Ed tricks me into thinking that I am bigger than I actually am by telling me to focus on a certain body part and thus makes me feel like I magically just gained a lot of weight in that area...take the hips for an example, Ed has me focus all my attention on my hips and then all of a sudden I am feeling as though my hips have just gotten huge and they feel heavier. In this book, it explains how a regular hypnotist can do this trick as well, such as telling us to think and focus on our feet and then our feet will feel heavier and weighed down. It's all a lie and a tricking system in which Ed has a lot of experience in. I have been trying to notice when this happens (which is basically every second of every day) but it helps to just stop and notice that this is happening and that Ed is lying to me. It's not easy, obviously, but if I don't start questioning Ed and his manipulative ways, then I will never get to where I want to be. 

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