Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the next chapter in jenni's book talks about "ed's rules" so i decided to start with her examples that she gives and then add some of my own (or should i say ed's?) remember though, these are LIES.

  1. i must always be the smallest/thinnest person in the room.
  2. i must always eat less than everyone else i am dinning with.
  3. my stomach must be flat on all days.
  4. i must be able to feel all my bones (ribs, hips, pelvis, collarbone, shines, etc)
  5. there must be no cellulite. ever.
  6. when i lay down on my back, my stomach must sink deep inward.
  7. i must feel only muscle, no fat.
  8. pants must be loose at the waist.
  9. i must always get more exercise than the people around me
i'm sure there are so many other ones that i am failing to think of but as they come up i will add them to the list. i am not writing this list so that i can obtain to these rules, i am writing it so that i can distinguish them and realize that they are LIES and that ed is hurting me. i am also writing them down so that when one of them comes up at  any point, i can recognize it and disobey it. 

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