Thursday, September 1, 2011

i really want to do online classes but i want to do them at home, not here. even if i was able to get an apartment i'd still be sad because all i want to do is be at home, in the one place that i love. i wish that ben didn't like his school so then he could transfer to a different school near home so then i'd feel better. some days (like yesterday) i am totally content with being by myself and not to comparing myself to others, but then other days (like this morning) i am sad and just want to be home and be able to talk with my mom and see her. i miss her the most, even though when i was home she was working all the time, there's a comfort about knowing she's there and being out here (in new york) i just can't feel her with me. i miss her hugs and talking with her about everything...

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