Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ed likes to trick me into believing that i've put on weight here or there so that he can get me to feel bad about myself. he's usually pretty good at doing this but today, for some reason, i've caught him and i am no longer going to fall victim to his lies. he likes to pick out the spots where there is so called "fat" and make me criticize myself for these areas, when in fact they are not areas of "fat" but actually healthy muscle. obviously he can't tell the difference...i read an article this morning about how our lives are meant to be so much more than just trying to obtain a think figure or watching what we eat or controlling our weight to within certain standards. i mean seriously, when i really stop and think about this fact, i actually start laughing at how stupid and vain we/i are/am. there is so much more to life than that! we are stronger than that, we are worth more than that! we are not defined by our body weight, type, clothes size, etc. we have so many other things to do in our lives, why should how we feel about our bodies get in the way with that...? just something to think about...

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