Wednesday, September 7, 2011

yesterday: got up and ran by 8:4AM then went for a walk at 2:15PM then worked out for a bit before heading over to ben's for the night.

today: going to the gym after first class at 9:20AM and then probably again to run on the track after last class at 3:20PM then heading over to ben's again most likely.

the only thing that's getting me through each day is knowing that i don't have to come back next semester. i applied to ashford university which has an online holistic program that looked amazing. my mom gave me a good deal that i couldn't pass up, she said that if i stuck it out for this semester (until december) that she would pay for an apartment and support me in any decision i made. i'm pretty dead set on getting an apartment in january and doing online yeah.

two classes today...wish me luck :p

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