Friday, September 9, 2011

i was sitting in history this morning and man are those chairs uncomfortable! my back was aching because my bones kept rubbing the chair and i was in pain the whole class. it sucked.

i walk around campus looking for people who are smaller than me and when i see someone who is i make myself feel better by believing they have an eating disorder of some sort. i read online that 91% of college students have eating issues so i'm probably not that off when i say this.

the other thing i try to do is remind myself that i want to be strong, not weak because when i was weak, i couldn't do the things i love, like hiking or running, etc. i want to be healthy and no sick because being sick is not fun no matter what i tell myself. it's hard but i must constantly tell myself that i am beautiful and perfect just the way i am and being smaller is not the answer to my problems and will not make me more worthy or a better person by any means...

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