Wednesday, September 7, 2011

i recently talked to on of the resident directors of my dorm because i had asked if i could take food out from the cafeteria (i hate going there to eat). i thought this was a very reasonable question but apparently it wasn't. i was told that going to the dining hall would help me make friends and shit like that but in all honesty i really have no interest in making friends. i'm leaving after the first semester anyway so fuck it. i like being able to just do what i want and not have to spend tons of energy (which is exhausting for me) trying to hang out with people which just makes me feel worse about everything. what is the big deal with that? i don't get it. i have decided to just not go to anybody for any more help or advice because the all say the exact fucking thing. it's dumb. i mean i don't like hate lemoyne or anything, i think it's a fine school and everybody has been very helpful there but this whole college thing is just not for me i don't think....i don't know. it's whatever.

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