Wednesday, August 31, 2011

taken from an email i received from sui solitaire

What scares you? in a nutshell: everything. 
What scares you about learning to love yourself? learning something that i don't want to know...seeing myself as bad.
What scares you about letting go of dependency on externals? that i'll be alone. that people won't be there for me. that i can't do things on my own. 
What scares you about letting go of fear and guilt and perfectionism? that i won't be accepted. that i'll be judged and laughed at. that i won't like myself. 
What scares you about letting go of your body hatred? that people won't like me and my body. that i won't like myself as i am. that i'll be out of control. 
What scares you about letting go of your negativity? the feelings that i deserve to be unhappy. 
What scares you about depending on yourself? that i won't be able to hold myself together. that i will fail. 
What scares you about trusting yourself? not knowing if i'm right or not. that i will make a mistake. that people won't be okay with my decisions. 
What scares you about living, right here, right now? everything. the people, the environment. myself. the food. gaining weight. being forgotten. being alone. feeling lonely. feeling judged. 

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