Sunday, April 15, 2012

.whey protein powders and beyond.

Hey wonderfuls!

Okay so a while back I wrote a post about trying some different protein powders and let's just say I've tried a lot more since then!

I've been blessed by several companies who have sent me some of their best products to try and now I can tell you all about them!!

{keep in mind that these companies just sent me free samples and I am not being paid in any way to share my opinion on them!}

The first one I want to mention is this stuff: 

 CytoSport  was generous enough to send me a sample of their Monster Pump, Monster Amino, and also their Monster Milk (not pictured) protein supplements. I have tried the two that are pictured here as of yet, and let's just say that they are quite FANTASTIC.

The first time I tried the Monster Pump was when I went hiking a couple of weeks ago. I mixed it with my water and drank it throughout my entire hike and man did I have energy! It was the fruit punch flavor and tasted really good too so that was a score :)

The Monster Amino I have been having in my water during and after my workouts. It's awesome for helping me stay pumped during workouts and such. I also shared it with my mom when we went on our bike ride and she liked it too! 

I will be completely honest, however, this stuff is NOT cheap! I will say though, it's definitely worth the buy since I have had great results from using it, in terms of energy and endurance. If you wanna check out the CytoSport Store you can here!

On to the next one! Beveri, a new brand of protein that is lactose free and also rBGH free, meaning they do not use the common artificial growth hormone (Recombinant Bovine) in order to bulk the cows milking production. Pretty neat!

Anyways, they were kind to send me both a sample of their vanilla flavor and chocolate flavor to try and so far I have tried the vanilla. I loved it! So good. I mixed it with vanilla coconut milk, half a banana and some turmeric powder in my bullet and wah-la! An instant protein drink that is superduper yummy and delish!

You can learn more about their brand new line of protein powder by clicking here!

Weeee, the next one is from a company by the name of EnergyFirst. They have tons of cool products on their website, but I was so thoughtfully sent this lovely package: GreenEnergy, ProEnergy (chocolate and vanilla), and then a couple protein bars that I've never heard of, but that were amazing!!
I've tried the GreenEnergy so far and it was sweet because it is equivalent to 5 servings of veggies!! Woah, how awesome is that?!! It was super tasty as mixed really well into my water and was super easy! Great way to get in those missing veggies haha!! 

As for the protein powder, I will be trying this soon, but I have no doubt it will be delicious! If you wanna order any of their products head over to their awesome, very informative website and take a look around!

Don't worry there are MORE...

I'm really excited about this one because it's ORGANIC!! I love my organic foods so much :) The Organic Whey company was super nice and sent me this HUGE bag of their whey protein should have seen my face when this arrived! Priceless. 

Anyhoo, I put off trying this bag of wonderful for many days because I wanted to savor it, but I finally tried it and OMG!! So good. I made a shake with a scoop of the whey, coconut milk, banana, and strawberries and it was like heaven. Don't get me wrong, I totally love all of the powders I've tried but this one far out ways the others by far! It actually isn't even flavored which was surprising, seeing how good it was :) 

I highly recommend this company. Go check them out NOW! 

Gaspari Nutrition is the next up! It has similar products to the CytoSport in that they have multiple flavors of protein powders and then they have their SuperPump Max and SizeOn (not pictured). Check out their website for more in depth descriptions of the kinds mentioned. They have other tons of cool products too!

 This SuperPump Max is similar, like I said to the CytoSport Monster Pump. It's really good for energy and endurance and it definitely gave me those results when I tried it! Which is always welcomed :)

This protein was superduper tasty...I mean how could it not if it's flavor is milk chocolate?!! This is the only flavor I've tried so far but they have all different kinds, including a banana one! Cool Cool. I made my shake as I always do after I workout, but this one was awesome because it tasted like I was eating chocolate ice cream that had melted or something! So great :)

You can order their products right on their website so go do it! 

Last, but not least, Jarrow Formulas! They let me choose one product from their amazing website, full of all kinds of interesting products, and this is what I picked out. Whey protein. Who would have guessed I would pick this stuff?!! 

I'm so glad I did though because it's been an awesome addition to not only my shakes, but I have been adding it to my cottage cheese, yogurt and today I even made a salad dressing from it! Haha, I know, weird. But trust me, SO good. It's really versatile because it's just so easy to mix in with other foods...the kind I got ia chocolate which I love and chocolate cottage cheese is also very good in case you were wondering :)

So yes, go see their website because they have more than just whey, everything from herbs, to daily vitamins, to essential oils and so on!! 

Okay, I hope I didn't completely bore you with overwhelming amounts of whey protein but hey, it's just so good and yummy and yeah you get the point. 

Wow, reading back through this I really know how to overuse the word awesome....

Now, go have a AWESOME day! And don't forget to smile and...

Stay weird my friends, stay weird.


  1. I love trying to protein powders! I'll have to check some of these out. :)
    I hope you have an AWESOME day, too! <3

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