Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I {ate/reviewed} Wednesday

This post might be kinda's going to be pretty top heavy with mega amounts of photos...but who doesn't love pictures right?

Although we experienced some VERY unwanted snow flurries on Easter, it is really starting to feel and look like spring outside, which makes me superduper happy!

First thing to pop up in our yard!
The following photos are of many products/new foods that I have tried in the last couple of weeks...

 I tried this Appalachian Jerky yesterday before my workout and although I am quite the jerky fan, this one didn't quite do it for me. I was really excited to try it but my first bite was too was hard to chew, kinda like it needed to be softened up a bit. I also was kinda skeptical of the ingredients as there were some added sugars and soy protein which I'm not a fan of. Anyhoo, the flavor was good though and I absolutely love the picture of the package! hehe.

 Nature's Path were kind enough to send me a package of some of their products and the one I tried so far was their SmartBran cereal. First off, it does look like rabbit food but man was this stuff was good! I must say, it's my new favorite cereal. I have been putting in on my yogurt, mixing it with fruit (above) and just eating it plain!

 For dinner the other night I made myself a salad topped with some mandarin orange crispy chicken strips from Gardein. I was too impatient to put them in the oven, so I just cooked them in the microwave so they weren't too crispy, but they still tasted wonderful. They came with a sauce but I just used some soy sauce I had in the fridge. Pretty sweet! 

 Bob's Red Mill was superduper nice and sent me five different items to play around with and I just got to trying the tri-color pearl couscous last night! It took like 5 minutes to cook, which I loved and then I just topped it with some hummus and soy sauce and wah-la! A very yummy meal! (More to come about the other products I received soon).

 There is no new product in this one, except I bought cauliflower for the first time in like forever and smashed it like potatoes and then threw some nice steak over it with ketchup! It was pretty good I must say.

Ahhhh, popcorn tea! I LOVED this stuff. My favorite tea by far! The amazing people over at Tea Pigs were generous enough to send me a couple of there teas to try which was just wonderful. I added some stevia and it was a nice little sweet treat while I watched some Shark Tank! hehe. 

Speaking of stevia, a couple of weeks ago I received this humongous package from NuNataurals to try! I couldn't believe how much stuff they sent, I also got a book filled with all kinds of recipes to experiment with!! I have been using this awesome stuff for everything...I had a couple drops in my yogurt, cereal, tea, protein cakes...really everything! It's my new favorite thing :)

The last thing I want to share is this whey protein. I was sent some samples from the Better Body Nutrition company and just recently got to try these out! I was impressed too! I put one pack in some water and shook it up (note that I didn't even need a blender) and drank it! Super good. It mixed really well (no chunks!) and was delicious!!

Sorry for the long-ness of this post but I really wanted to let you know about all of these sweet products!! 

Have an AWESOME Wednesday ya'll and don't forget...

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