Monday, April 2, 2012

Say What?...{a giveaway!}

Guess what? 

Today is your lucky day, know why? Because I have some pretty awesome things to review and an even more AWESOME giveaway product!

Last week I got a package in the mail from the wonderful folks at About Time, an all natural 100% whey protein company. I had never tried this brand before...I heard about it over at Alexandra's Blog and wanted to check it out.

I recieved two flavors: chocolate and vanilla, although on their website they have tons of different kinds from mocha mint, to birthday cake, to banana!
After my morning workout I threw together a chocolate coconut protein shake and boy was it DE-LISH!
I have to say, this protein was amazing and it tasted great! I probably will be purchasing some more of this in the future!

The next thing that I want to talk about is something that I cant stop thinking about...PRIMAL VEGAN JERKY! Okay, if there is a heaven, it's most definitely filled with a stocked supply of this wonderful stuff!

I received a huge package of two of each should have seen my face when it arrived. I was ecstatic. Where is the camera when you need one? Any who, I ripped the box open and immediately tried the thai peanut...

It was very yummy! A bit spicy, (I'm a whimp) but it tasted just like eating peanut butter straight from the jar and who doesn't like that?!!
 Texas BBQ...mmmm yum! A little chewy-ier than the others but nowhere short on flavor! Superduper BBQ!!
 Hickory! Talk about flavor! Really spicy(for me) but amazing!! Even Tucker liked it!
 Mesquite Lime...amazing! Very good flavor but not overly limey and chewy but in the right way!
 Hot & Spicy...much different texture than all of the others. Definitely hot and spicy! I could taste a tang of sweetness in there too! good! Love the flavor! Tastes like wonderful teriyaki sauce! Not too strong but just right!

I will be buying these from every store that sells joke, they're only like $1.19 a bar at my local health food store! I LOVED these so's fair to say they're my new FAVORITE food! 

You can go to their website to learn more and to find a store near you that carries them! I swear, once you try one you'll never stop...

The last thing I want to review before you find out about the giveaway is this little miracle drink...
It's called DrinkChia and it's low in sugar, low in calories, rich in chia and omega 3’s and it’s uniquely delicious. 

I tired the Mango Tangerine and it was so good. If you've never had any kind of chia drink before, there are actual chia seeds floating around in the water! With these drinks, though, you can't even tell they're tasted kinda like orange juice with a hint of sparkling water...delicious if you ask me! I am saving the other flavors for when I need a boost for a workout or when I'm super tired. 

You can go to the Drink Chia website to learn more about their story, the benefits of chia and to purchase!! 

So now finally on to the giveaway I keep talking about...

Last week I was delighted to find a package on my door step from Manna Organics...they were so amazing to let me sample their unique breads and then they offered to sponsor a giveaway as well! How wonderful are they?!!
Pretty wonderful. 
Their bread is AMAZING as well...I got the fig fennel flax, the cinnamon date, the carrot raisin, and the banana walnut hemp loaves and absolutely loved them. 

Here's some more information about Manna Organics (from their website)...

"MANNA BREAD® is remarkably simple and wholesome, made entirely from sprouted organic grains, seeds, fruits & nuts. It contains no salt, leavening, yeast, oil, or sweeteners. By fully germinating our grains, we convert the starches into easily digested natural complex sugars, similar to those found in fresh fruits, hence the sweetness. The sprouts are ground and hand-shaped into loaves, baked at a low temperature, then packed and frozen to preserve shelf life, without any chemical additives."

Sooooo, here's the lucky winner will receive 4 loaves...let me repeat, 4 loaves of the manna bread of their choice (their flavors can be found here), just by doing these things:

Comment and tell me what flavor/product you would most like to try.
"Like" Manna Bread  on Facebook
"Follow" them on Twitter

And that's it...easy peasy lemon squeezy! 
I will run the giveaway until Friday at 9pm so get to it!
(The winner must be within the Continental US only)

(All of these opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way).

I hope you have a great week :)
Take Care ♥

Please remember this as you go through the week!


  1. I would love to try their Cinnamon Date Manna bread!

  2. I LOVE sourdough - so any of the sourdoughs! Any and ALL of them ! :)

  3. Follow them on twitter!

  4. Daybelis martinezApril 3, 2012 at 9:35 AM

    I would love to try their carrot raisin bread:)

    1. Daybelis, you are the winner for this giveaway! Please email me at for your address and what 4 kinds of bread you would like! Thanks:)

  5. Daybelis martinezApril 3, 2012 at 9:36 AM

    Liked them on Facebook!

  6. Tayla :)! Love your blog! And OMG your "About Me", it seemed like a description of .....wait for! Lol, we have got to get to know each other.

    1. Haha thanks girl! I'm shooting you an email right now!

  7. I think sourdough would be my pick! :)

  8. Liked them on facebook :)
    Cindy :)

  9. Following them on Twitter! Glad to be your foodie penpal this month!