Monday, April 23, 2012

{monday loves}

!Happy Monday you beautiful things!

I'm loving Monday's lately...mostly because I know I'm getting one day closer to seeing Ben again. Two weeks. God, I miss him so much it hurts. 

I've read other blogs where they do a day of "loves" and I thought it'd be cool to do my own. So here goes...

My new favorite song. Luke Bryan-Drunk On You. 

I'm drunk on you baby. 

I finally tried a melon bowl after seeing other people doing it. Yeah, I'm a follower, it's true. 

I filled it with plain chobani yogurt, Down to Earth trail mix, and some stevia for sweetness. I just tried this trail mix and It's crazy good. If you haven't tried it, go their Facebook page and order some! It's worth it. 

Being at my Dad's means driving this beast. It's over-the-top loud and makes me feel like a bad-ass driving it around town. I love it. I will get a truck that makes noise when I grow up. Ha. 

I finally got one of these babies (kobocha squash). Again, I saw others doing it, so I did it too. I'm so bad. But I don't know know I survived without these for so's my new favorite food. It's like a new kind of wonderful. 

I received this package in the mail a couple of weeks ago from MacroLife Naturals and LOVE love love it. I have yet to try the bars, but  my Mom says they are the best she's ever had so yeah. Lately, I have been making energy drinks with the Macro Coco Greens (for kids) and I swear, it's the best thing in the whole world. Actually all of these products are. I will be making an order soon for sure. 

Yesterday I found some quotes on my pinterest board and wrote them out using sharpies and then used pixlr to make them look cool. I like this one the best, for obvious reasons too...I am very uncommon :)

I have been seriously loving this stuff. It took me only five days to finish off one jar...

Random photo I took. I like the angle. 

Props if you can find my name. 


Marlin decided to let me know he wanted a cookie. That's his cookie box he has in his mouth if you couldn't tell. He wouldn't stop walking around the house so I struggled to get a clear picture. Anyhoo, he did get a cookie because he is a silly dog. 

I got a box of these fantastic bars. Check out the Journey Bar website to see all the awesome and strange flavors!

I tried the Coconut Curry and it was unbelievable. It's unlike any other granola bar out there because of the totally unique flavors. It seemed like I was having a mini dinner in a snack bar. It was perfect and just right for a savory snack. Try them!

Okay, I think I might have went overboard so I'll stop now. I really hope you are having a good Monday.

You are Beautiful and You are Loved. 


  1. I love melon bowls too, so many toppings that can be added!!

  2. YAY! I hope the next two weeks fly by so you can finally see Ben again!!! <3
    What a great song! I love this kind of music and have been looking for some great artists, so thanks for sharing the song with us! :)
    I've tried some of the Macro Life Naturals and loved them, too!

    1. Thanks me too! I love this song too, glad you liked it:)