Monday, April 30, 2012

Foodie PenPal Reveal!

Happy Monday Beautifuls!

Month two of participating in Foodie PenPals and I love it! 
Thank you to Lindsay for putting this awesomeness together every month!! 

This month I was paired with Cindy over at Vegetarian Mamma. 

This is what arrived!! 
(I was smiling ear to ear)

Hail Merry Pecans
Two think thin crunch bars
Pirates Booty

Mary's Gone Crackers/Sticks
Crunchmaster crackers
Cliff Kid Z Fruit

Primal Vegan Jerky Bars (my fav!!)
Now Newton Bar
NoGii Bar

 Lipton Green Tea To Go
Pamela's Chocolate Brownie Mix
El's Medleys 

So, as you can see, there was a lot in the box!! I was so overwhelmed but so crazy happy! There were a lot of new-to-me foods which is always fun, as I love trying new things! As I mentioned above there were like five primal vegan jerky strips which are my favorite things ever so I was ecstatic when I saw those! 

Thanks Cindy! You're great :)

Hope you're Monday is going amazing! Don't forget to enter my giveaway, it ends tonight!



  1. dang girl, you got the hookup this month! enjoy!

  2. Ahh what great stuff you received Tayla! I love those z bars... I can down two of them before I know what has happened ;)

  3. Looks like you got so much! I love travel-sized things!

  4. Wow, awesome goodies! I would be smiling from ear to ear, too! :) Happy first day of May! I hope this month is amazing for you!! <3

  5. everything looks so good! i loveee those primal jerky bars :)

  6. You are welcome :) Glad you love it! :)