Wednesday, May 2, 2012

{wiaw, winner, and wisdom}

Happy Happy Wednesday! 

Ohh hey there!
Let's get right into what I ate yesterday, thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for always putting this together!!
...I have been struggling for the past couple of weeks but I feel like I have continued to push through the crappy days and eat what I have to. I hate you Ed.

 Breakfast was cottage cheese mixed with protein powder and frozen peaches topped with better'n butter chocolate peanut this stuff.

You all know by now that these Primal jerky strips are my absolute favorite things ever! Great snack.

Lunch was a mixed mash salad....spinach, peppers, tuna, cottage cheese, ketchup and relish. I found the relish at my Dad's and just tried it on a whim...pretty good!

I guess I was loving cottage cheese or something because this snack was cottage cheese mixed with protein powder and grapes. This was the first time having grapes in over two months! So good. 

Dinner was chicken topped with  homemade ketchup, asparagus, and corn mixed with a laughing cow cheese wedge and feta. The corn was amazing. I had to settle for the asparagus because I ran out of my kobucha squash. I swear, I can't live without this stuff...I could eat it for every meal!

Snack went un-pictured but it consisted of a vita top with better'n butter!

I finally drove back to my Mom's house in ME and it was both sad and exciting at the same time. Sad to be leaving the mountains, but exciting to be back in my own room again (I was sleeping on my Dad's couch for two weeks!). 

I had a pretty eye opening time at my Dad's though. I hiked like crazy, which was awesome, and I also learned a lot about myself in the process. 

Things I learned from hiking:

I go way too fast...I am always in a rush for some reason. Not good.
Hiking in the cold sucks're hot hiking up, then at the top, you're freezing, and then you're hot again going down and then cold. Annoying.
I can never take enough photos of Mount's so beautiful. 

Things I learned from being at my Dad's:

My new favorite TV show is The Little Couple...watched them all night long haha, so cute.
I can only hike up Tyrol (the mountain behind my Dad's house) so many times before it's just too boring. Just kidding!
Top of Tyrol.
I can sit at a regular table and do homework for more than 5 minutes...this is a miracle for me!
I can actually cook dinner and eat it sitting down while relaxing. Huge. 
My Dad likes to try my food...never thought that would happen (he's a junk food junkie!)
I am smart! Got 100% on all my assignments for school so far, and I'm loving it. Wow, I can't believe I'd ever say that about school...
It's impossible for me to sleep past 6:30am no matter how hard I try. 
I still have awesome golf skills....just saying, I'm pretty bad ass. 
Seeing a momma bear with cubs is still the coolest thing ever, no matter how many times I've seen it before.
I am a messy person. I slowly invaded my Dad's in the fridge, schoolwork thrown here and there, markers all over the living room, clothes on the floor, more food on the table, computer cables twisted everywhere, dirty dishes...
No more dinning room table because Tay's in town.
I can be myself even with my Dad around. This wasn't always the case (more on that tomorrow), but now I know who I am and if my Dad doesn't get it, then so be it. I'm me and no body else!
I hate sharing! My brother came home from Florida and I hated having to share the house, I was so used to having everything to myself all day haha. 
My Dad still thinks I'm five years old and doesn't think I can stay home alone or know how to start a fire in the wood stove haha, hellllloooo!
I eat the same thing day after day. This isn't the best thing ever. I wish I could switch it up more. Maybe a goal for the future?
I still have talent in the drawing field...thought I'd lost it since I hadn't done it in forever...

I failed on my body checking happened like every second of every day, blah.
I love trucks. I already knew this, but the fact that I got to drive my Dad's truck for two weeks just confirmed the fact. 

I'm letting Ed control me again...I hate to admit it, but I have to be honest with myself...I'm over exercising and not eating enough. I feel like this always some point, my motivation got lost in the clouds somewhere and Ed jumped on the opportunity to get back into my brain. Being at my Dad's could have had something to do with this, different situations, routine, schoolwork, etc. I know I need to take control back and find my motivation again...oh where have you gone? 

Okay, well there are probably a ton more but that's all my pea brain can handle for now.

Oh and so the winner for the Superfood giveaway is...

Haley at the Health Freak College Girl!!!

Congrats girl!!!! Email me at with your address and I will hook you up!

{one week til I see can't wait!!}

Have a wonderful day loves!


  1. I love hiking! your pic of Mt. Washington looks great, my husband really wants to climb it. Sorry to hear that your going through a rough period. I get into funks sometimes, though not usually related to food. They super suck (nothing more to say, really) BTW I think your drawing is really cute!

    1. Oh yeah definitely hike it, it's so beautiful! Yeah haha, funks are not cool...awww thanks!<3

  2. Yay Tayla! I agree that you are smart and fun! Can i add cool, beautiful, and inspirational?? All of your strides towards recovery are great,and the ability to recognize you're slipping is progress because you can pick yourself out of it. I know that sometimes being at my dad's also triggers me.

    I love relish and ketchup (homemade? recipe please? :p) and chocolate PB?? :O OMG- WHY HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF THAT BEFORE?? Haha, the landscape looks beautiful for hiking! I wish I was with you!

    1. aww thanks! yesyes recipe to come :) chocolate peanut butter is amazing, you must try!

  3. i loveeee hiking! i didn't find this love out until like a month ago haha. but i can't wait to find some awesome trails near me :)

    1. aw so glad you've come to love it, it's so great!!