Friday, May 4, 2012

rainy days call for some friday lovin'

Happy Friday Loves!

This week has been a crazy roller coaster in terms of emotions so I thought I'd cheer myself up by writing about the things I am loving as of late! Woot woot. 

5 Songs I am LOVING Right Now:

5 Places I Want To Travel:

1. Syracuse to see my Baby!!!! Tuesday, I can't wait any longer, please come.

2. California (not to the city, but to see the coast and the mountains).

3. North Carolina.

4. Tennessee wasn't so nice when we were there so it'd be cool to see the mountains for real this time. 
Tennessee rain.

5. Africa. It's always been a dream for some reason.

5 Things I Wish I Could Improve:

1. My relationship with myself. 

I love you.
2. My patience. It's self-explanatory.  

3. My facial expressions. I tend to look pissed no matter how I feel and then people usually think I'm mad at them....

4. Relax. It's something I need to LEARN how to do. It's really hard for me. 

5. Stop planning every little detail of every little thing. It's not worth it and it stresses me out. 

5 Things I Want To Do This Weekend:

1. Go kayaking with my friend!! 

2. Get half-price Starbucks frappuccinos!! And not freak out about it (Ed, you're not going to be a part of this!)

3. Finish my Mom's birthday present...I'm working on it haha.

4. Go for another run...I found the best place for trail running and it makes running more bearable...haha just kidding!

5. RELAX. 

5 Totally Bizarre Things You May Not Know About Me:

1. I use baby spoons. And occasionally I like to eat baby food.  

Yes, that is mushed mango I have there.
2. I come across as quite insensitive, but I'm just scared to show people how deep I can really be.

3. I hate swimming in ponds or lakes. Actually just make that, that I hate swimming altogether. One, I'm scared of crawly things touching me and two, I am scared to touching crawly things. Oh yeah, and I hate getting water in my nose. 

4. I have read every one of the Nicholas Sparks books...a little obsessed? Possibly. 

5. My real name is Taylor but my Mom changed it when I was little to Tayla, but she never had it legally changed, so people are always confused when I go to the bank or when they look at my license. It says Taylor but I signed it Tayla. haha. 

Yippee!!! Have a great weekend loves!!


  1. Happy weekend! I hope you have a great one! :) I hope the time until Tuesday goes by fast for you!

    I use babyspoons, too. People think I'm werid because I do that. But you foodie bloggers understand, dont you?? :)

    1. Happy weekend to you too! haha yes foodie bloggers definitely understand!! <3

  2. That's such a cool story about your name!
    And aaaaw,I love the pictures f you in this post. You're so cute! <3
    Hopw the time goes by veeeeeery very fast for you,girl! :) Have a great weekend and enjoy the starbucks frapps... Drink an additional one for me,please! :P

    1. Aw thanks! Have a great weekend as well girl! I will think of you when I'm getting my starbucks!! <3

  3. i love all those songs! country is definitely my fav. well if you ever visit california, let me know :D

    1. Country is awesome! I will definitely let you know if I ever make it to California haha!!

  4. you are absolutely adorable! i love that you love country music too :) i dream of going to africa as well, i feel like it'd be lifechanging. and i just listened to that song recover... amazing!! thanks for sharing :)

    1. Aw thanks! Africa would be life changing that is for sure, and country music is amazing<3