Monday, May 28, 2012

{hiking again and sweating pink}

Good morning friends. I hope you are all enjoying your three day weekend. It's been nice over here in my neck of the woods, sunny for the most part. I haven't really been up to anything too exciting. My life seems pretty boring mostly. Besides the fact that I go hiking, but that is nothing new. 

Ben and I ventured out again on Saturday. Starting around ten thirty, we hiked seven miles to the top of Sunday River Whitecap (Maine), maintaining three miles an hour. We got to the top around one thirty. Lunch consisted of cottage cheese with peaches and blackberries and some yummy chocolate bites! Just what I needed. 


 It was a perfect day. A few clouds but nothing serious. I tried to get my tan on, but I don't really tan. 
I lobster. 

I felt pretty good after we got back, considering we just hiked fourteen point two miles in just under six in a half hours, but I will never work out my legs on the day before. Man was I sore. 

In other news, Sunday I woke up at noon. I can't remember the last time that ever happened. Maybe it was because I didn't go to bed until three thirty in the morning. Hmm. 

Anyhoo, Ben brought me home so I could get some school work done, but instead I went for a nice walk and got in a super sweet shoulder, chest, and tricep workout!

I be a growin'!! 

I also made myself this fabulous drink. I first got the real version in the mail from the generous folks at Bragg, then I found a recipe from Katie for a homemade version. I had to try!

Basically it's just water with some apple cider vinegar and stevia to taste! It was pretty awesome and I love knowing all of the benefits this stuff has. It's so great. 

Shoelaces! (Ignore the gross shoes.)
Another great thing I got recently was a nice package from Fit Approach. I think I forgot to mention I am a new member of their ambassador program! I'm pretty excited. 

So yeah, I got a box of goodies including like ten pairs of bright pink shoelaces (email me if you would like some haha!) and a cool sweat pink tank top

Sporting my new gear!
So since it's Memorial Day today, I am spending it with my Mom. I was in need of some good Mom time for sure. I missed her and our walks/talks.

I'll leave you with s new song. Ben introduced me to it and even though it's not exactly upbeat, it's an awesome song. 

Brantley Gilbert-Play Me That Song

 (: Have an awesome day :)


  1. Happy (belated) Memorial Day Tayla! Your weekend looks fabulous! I cannot say enough how much I am dying to go hiking with you. I've always gone hiking with people who don't like long hikes or don't like to go at a decent speed, so we'd be great partners ;)! And yay for Sweat Pink! I still have my loads of shoe laces :p

  2. Thanks Cara! Hiking would be like amazing haha! One day for sure<3 Pink shoe laces are always wonderful to have so no complaining there haha!! <3