Friday, May 18, 2012

five {ten} things friday!

1. I keep putting off my school more day won't hurt :p

2) Ben and I attempted to go kayaking, but we forgot about a very vital part...the tide! 

Ben found a way to just sail through the mud, while I trudged around up to my shins! Totally and completely gross but loads of fun :)

3) I got Ben to try some of my healthy foods! GASP I know :p He loved these raspberry chocolate bars from EcoTrek. 

My mom loves them too!

4) A while back I picked up these summer-y shoes at target for like $14 bucks! I have yet to wear them, but they're so cute!!

5) I tried coconut flakes in my yogurt this morning and it was yummmmmmy! I love coconut so much :)

6) I ran four miles to the store today! I was very proud of myself. My intention was to pick up some milk and chicken for dinner tonight, but when I got to the store, I found out they didn't take debit cards! I was just a bit mad (insert multiple swear words here!). But hey, I got a wonderful run in!!

7) I made these beautiful sugar cookies!

Recipe adapted from Sally's Baking Addiction....they were amazing :)

8) Body image has since improved a tad bit from Wednesday! I came across some wonderful articles that really helped me put things in prospective. The first one was from Cheryl over at Happy is the New Healthy and the other one was from Jenni Schaefer (I love her!)

9) Random fact: I need to mow the's getting a wee bit out of control! One more day can't hurt though right?!!

10) My new favorite show! I'm addicted :)

Have a wonderful weekend y'all!! 
Any fun plans??!


  1. Lol the kayak/tide pictures made me laugh! That's too funny! I'm so happy your fiance is home :)! And yay for positive body image! Love you and hang in there Tayla <3!

    PS- the cookies look awesome ;)

  2. i love those shoes! so cute and summery :)

    and i'm glad things have gotten better since wednesday. you deserve it!