Friday, May 25, 2012

...another five {ten} things Friday..

It's Friday, you better be excited!!

1) I have a love/hate relationship with fruit. You never know when you will get a really good blueberry or raspberry, it's so annoying. I always need to end on a good note taste wise, so if I end with a tart berry, well that just ruins my whole fruit eating experience. I know you know what I mean. 

2) Chocolate mint tea? Count me in! Anything with chocolate and mint is my kind of thing. I swear, it's what heaven is made of. Whoever came up with this awesome combination is completely genius. Hats off to them. This was amazing by the way. I mean how could it not be?

3) I was totally proud of myself yesterday for just flowing along with whatever was happening. Ben had a lot of errands to get done which included switching the cars tires from snow to regular ones, mowing his dad's lawn, changing the oil in the car, and going to the gym. Not only did I actually enjoy the gym (ten mile bike), I also got a nice weights workout in as well (while Ben mowed the lawn)!! I also learned how to change oil in a car...quite interesting! I enjoyed watching Ben get all greasy haha just kidding!

4) I completely failed with picture-taking on Tuesday. Ben and I drove up to Bangor, Maine to check out an apartment for August. Since Ben is transferring to UMaine, we need a place to rent near the campus. The apartment was teeeeeny tiny. One room and a bathroom. I mean we don't need much but it may have been a little bit tight. It really put everything into perspective though. Ben and I will be on our own in three months! That's a scary thought. I know I'm scared as hell, not gonna lie. 

5) I ate something I LOVE the other night. Quesadillas! These are a major fear food for me, but I absolutely love them. We ordered dinner from Margaritas which could have been a huge disaster for me but Ed was luckily on vacation somewhere and didn't give me any trouble. Unfortunately, they weren't the greatest I've ever had but I was pretty proud of myself for eating them and being okay!

6) While we were getting the tires switched on the car we walked to Wal-Mart for some Monsters and I found this wonderful gum. It's the new flavor and I couldn't pass it up! Gum messes with my stomach but sometimes it's worth the goodness of root beer floats haha. 

7) I read a pretty good article which really helped to remind me why I must keep plugging along. It was from the Muscle and Strength website and it talked about the essentials of weight training/eating in order to gain lean muscle and lose fat. You can check it out here.

8) Shorts update: I have been wearing them non-stop and it's awesome. I can't believe how much comfort I've been missing out on from not wearing them before. Like I said, my legs and I don't always get along but in order to love my body I have to take steps in order to do so and this was a huge one for me. Of course I started out easy by wearing longer sports shorts, but hey, it's a start! I'm proud of myself for that. 

9) Some good songs this week? Jake Owen and Chris Young have new songs out and they.are.great!

10) Last but not least, I always love ending my posts with positive quotes I find on pinterest. I hope you had a great week and that your weekend is full of sweetness!!


  1. I love the set up of this post!

    Shorts are something I need to investigate, I only have running ones which aren't exactely ideal for normal activities! ;-)

    Well done on eating and ENJOYING the quesadillas! :-) That's awesome!

    1. Thanks! Same here with the shorts...and yes enjoying the quesadillas was awesome<3

  2. I'm allergic to artificial sweeteners but I had to try the new dessert gum and boy is it good :) Hope they keep it around!

    1. Haha yes super good! I hope they do too :)