Monday, June 11, 2012

you'll probably never see me...

{I stole this idea from Haley...hope she doesn't mind.}

you'll probably never see me...

...wear a dress. I love them I really do, but me, wearing one? That's another story. I like to pretend I could pull it off, but I can't. I'm not girly enough. Special occasions are fine, but just for fun? Nah. 

...with clean nails. I know, gross right? Yeah, well whatever. I work outside and get dirty. I like dirt what can I say. 

...watching tv on my own. I only watch tv when I'm wth others or at Ben's house. At home, I almost never have the tv on. I can't figure out how people do it. Lay around and watch shows all day. I guess if I was sick or something, but still. I need to move, read or so something besides kill all of my brains cells. 

...dancing. I'll just save everyone the embarrassment of watching me dance. I can't do it. It's impossible and just so damn awkward. I am so incredibly nervous for my wedding day, I might not survive. 

...speak, if you don't know me. Yeah it's true, I'm that girl. The one who doesn't say anything in a group. I'm the one who everyone is amazed at when I do utter something. Everybody is so surprised, like they didn't know I had a voice. It's annoying because I do like to talk and sometimes Ben can't get me to shut up, but when I'm around people I don't know or who make me feel uncomfortable, you don't even know I'm there. 

...having fun while shopping. Gasp. A girl who doesn't like to shop? I know, it's true. Although I do like to buy new clothes, I just hate doing it. It makes me tired and when I'm with someone else, I'll get grumpy and probably end up ruining the whole thing. If I do shop, I go alone. 

...buying clothes at a "real" store. Kind of goes with the one above. I can't fathom buying full-priced clothes after being in a thrift shop. It's amazing what a nice consignment store will have sometimes. I have found all of my current pairs of jeans there and I never spend over $30 bucks. What a steal. 

...singing in the car. Well at least a car that has other people in it. It goes back to the talking issue. 

...stop at a yellow light. Bad girl, I know. But yellow means slow down, not stop right? Right. I shall make it no matter what. I scare Ben sometimes 'cause he thinks it's gonna turn red but I always win. ha ha ha. 

...taking a nap. I hate naps with a passion. The times I have tried to nap, I have always woken up more tired and groggy than before. And I can't figure out why you'd want to sleep during the day when you slept all night anyways. Blah. 

...swimming. I think I mentioned this before but I hate to swim. Everything from the coldness of the water to the fear of sharks to the massive amounts of water in my nose. I just hate it. Of all last year, I think I went in the water for about three minutes before I had, had enough. It's funny because Ben loves to swim and be in the water. Weird. 

...walking slow. An extremely hard task for me. I always tend to walk fast no matter where I am or what I am doing. When I hike, I am practically running, and in the grocery store, I always look like I'm on a mission. The first time I met Ben, we walked around the school campus and I couldn't understand why he was walking so damn slow! 

What things will I never see you doing?


  1. I am the same way on so many of them. I couldn't agree more on the clothes thing, I rarely if ever buy things at full price or at the store they were originally sold. Just the way I am. Yellow lights don't exist in my world same with the blinking hand telling you to stop walking. I can't nap for the life of me. Ugh. I also hate those slow walkers, I wish they would pick a side instead of walking straight in the middle. These are all great!

    1. Haha yes same with the cross walk! <3

  2. Bahaha I love this. I hate walking slow, I turn into a fast robot when I walk. Naps make me feel like I have risen from the dead. I work at 5am nearly everyday and sometimes I just feel like I NEED a nap, but I CAN'T. Shopping makes me want to die..the end.

    You will never see me waking up early to make myself presentable. Again, I work at 5am..I never wear makeup and my hair looks like a 12 yr old boy. I work with people all day..yet I don't care. Sleep is my priority.

    1. I'm glad you agree with me haha! You'll never see my waking up early to get ready either, just not my style!

  3. LOL I've been told that I look like a white girl when I dance, or more specifically the blonde lady from Bridesmaids :O! Have you seen it? I wouldn't be caught walking slow either, unless I'm purposefully trying to piss off/annoy someone (whoops :p!). I also wouldn't be caught eating meat, watching a cat video and not crying (lawl!), running around my neighborhood topless, machete juggling, or "coning" at fast food restaurants!

    And thank you Tayla for such a sweet comment on my blog post! It really meant a lot and I know that you're someone who can relate! I am sorry I have been slacking in the emails and will be sure to reply tonight! Hang in there and stick it through girly! You are strong and worth it!