Thursday, June 21, 2012

Boston Buys {and thoughts}

I know you all missed me yesterday (yeah right), but I was busy in Boston having too much fun in the ninety six degree heat. 

I had to make a trip to Mass General for that study thing I'm doing and my friend happened to have the day off so she came with me. 

The appointment was at ten so we left my house around seven thirty. The traffic was sickening but we made it and managed to be somewhat on time. 

After the appointment was over, we headed to Whole Foods to get some goodies and a small lunch (you'll find out why in a sec!)

Items I bought at Whole Foods:

In the mix: spinach, corn, peppers, cucumbers and feta cheese. 

After Whole Foods we put our stuff in the car and drove to.....ZINGA! A new frozen yogurt place I just found! 

The GPS said it took five minutes from the hospital but it took us about thirty. I'm a good driver I swear, but it was hot and the traffic was bad and that darn GPS sucks balls. Sorry but I like maps better!

Anyhoo, we parked and walked to find change and nobody would give us change for a five...what the hell? 

We ended up walking around for like thirty minutes just trying to pay that damn meter thingy. Finally we made it to Zinga! 

It was so overwhelming! I was so happy haha...this was the first self serve place I've been to and it was more than amazing! 

This is what I ended up getting:

In the mix: watermelon, salted caramel pretzel, New York cheese cake, and dark chocolate frozen yogurt topped with weird yellow ball things, cookie dough bites, chocolate chips, sprinkles and a cherry on top!

I have to admit, it was pretty difficult to eat this...Ed was definitely screaming as loud as he could in my ear that every bite was just making me fatter and fatter. But I ate all of it and I LIVED! Can you believe it? I didn't die from eating this once-in-a-blue-moon-treat! Woot. 

After our wonderful date with Zinga (I love this name because it reminds me of Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory when he says Bazinga!), we headed to Newbury Street to check out the new Georgetown Cupcakes!!

It was so cool! I didn't end up getting anything but Nicole got some and they looked amazing :)

We walked around Newbury Street a bit and wondered into H&M for a sec but that was a bad idea for me. I hate going into those types of stores because I just feel like I don't belong...there are so many other girls who are prettier and so many damn mirrors, it's depressing...

It was an interesting day to say the least, I tried my best to stay calm and relaxed but I constantly found myself comparing my body everywhere I went. I wore jean shorts for the first time and all I could think about was what people were thinking of me...

"oh my god, look at her thighs, they're huge!"
"that girls arms are so big, gross."

I know it's just Ed being mean, but that's about how my whole day went...a constant battle with Ed about how I looked compared to the other girls walking around. 

I still have a weird pull towards wanting to look scary skinny and unnatural...although when I see someone who looks really good and healthy I like that, but for me? Nope. Ed still has a grip on my mind, telling me that looking sick is the way to go...I gotta change that soon.
A good song I just found thanks to Nicole and her mix CD!

Skin and Bones-Romance on a Rocketship

Have an awesome Thursday! Stay cool <3

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