Tuesday, June 12, 2012

WIAW {photo dump}

Another Wednesday can only mean one thing...WIAW! 

Jenn is amazing for always putting this together each week, let's give her a round of applause! 

For this week's post, I couldn't decide on what day to use because I had so many new and exciting foods so I just dumped everything on you..have fun :)

This weekend was so awesome, and by far the best yet! Ben and I took a nice 8 mile hike on Saturday and then on Sunday we headed to Portland to see some up and coming country artists preform. 

Bucky Covington!

The Lost Trailers!
It was super fun! 

I took Ben to Whole Foods for lunch and this is what his face looked like when we walked in...

Haha...he was so overwhelmed with happiness. It took us forever to decide what to have for lunch but he ended up getting a burrito to order and I got a salad with salmon and turkey. Sorry for the lack of photos...I didn't want to seem like a complete weirdo taking pictures of my food haha. I was so happy that Ben liked Whole Foods, now he knows why I love it so much :)

Nutella frozen yogurt with raspberries!! I found GoBerry in Portland, ME and was ecstatic, so obviously I had to get some! So good.  

A new bar for kids from Organic Food Bar! Kind of tasted like one of those crunch chocolate candies! Yum. 

Sunday night's dinner consisted of a gluten free pizza and kobucha squash with ketchup. I could eat this combo for the rest of my life. Seriously. 

I got some samples in the mail from Bran Crispbread and tried some with my lunch while at work. It's not the best tasting on it's own but with some of this chocolate spread it was pretty good! And I just got my day's worth of fiber too. Woot, go me. 

I always get depressed when I remember that I can't buy starbucks everyday or I would be poor as hell, so I decided to make my own rendition of their frapps...I used coffee, ice cubes, matcha green tea, and stevia and mixed it in my magic bullet and tossed some whipped cream on top for a nice little drink. Not as good as starbucks but no money was spent, so score!

A couple weeks back I recieved some coupons from Laura's Lean Beef and just found their products at shaws! 

I naturally made hamburgers because I'm boring like that!

I added these spicy ingredients which I got in my last foodie penpal package to make it more interesting! A good idea because they were so good :)

A pre-made lunch for work consisting of spinach, cottage cheese and grilled turkey which you can barley see. It wasn't too bad...needed some salt though. 

Picked this lovely stuff up yesterday...I love peanut butter but I love almond butter more and crunchy is the best! Mmm good. 

My mom and I decided to go out on a limb and get these banana babies just for fun! I tired one for a night snack last night and it was pretty good! I wish the banana was coconut though, that would be like the best ever! Haha. 

A snack of incan berries! Love these little things...so tart yet so sweet. 

I just had to get these yesterday too because one, I love carob chips and two, it's been way too long since I've had them. Like too long. 

My dinner on Saturday. A salad with yellow peppers, loads of green peas and one of the laura's burgers I made, topped with ketchup! Ahhhh yum. 

A snack to go with dinner...fresh blueberries, strawberries, with raspberries and grapes (unpictured)! I love fruit so much. 

Lunch at work on Monday...I had cottage cheese with a shit ton of fruit and then decided to add in some rice protein powder which made like a paste and it was the best thing ever! I can't even explain how good it was!

Yesterday's dinner with Mom. Kashi pizza....a fear food no longer! Woot. 

And finally...ZEVIA! I have been dying to try this stuff and came home to a nice little surprise package form the company...a pack of one of each flavor. I opened the grapefruit citrus right away and I loved it so much!! I can't wait to have more already haha!

Wow. That was a lot of food. I ate a lot this week haha! 

What good things did you have recently? Have you tired Zevia?

Take care loves<3


  1. Tayla, my adorably awesome-possum friend :)! Gahh, I am SO jealous right now! I wish there was a freaking Whole Foods in Hawaii D:!!! All of your food looks fabulous and great job on conquering fears! Does that Zevia drink have any other flavor? I'm not the biggest grapefruit fan :p.

    1. Hehe! Whole Foods is like so awesome! We will go when you visit me haha! Thanks and yes zeiva has all kinds of flavors! So many to pick from<3

  2. i've tried zevia but feel like the flavors are hit or miss. one of my supervisors LOVES it and gets it like every day

    1. I had the mountain soda and that wasn't as good as the others so I agree!