Monday, June 4, 2012

a vlog {of my goals}

So I finally got around to posting a vlog. I am a little late on the bandwagon, as I know most of you have already done one before, but I'm weird so yeah. 

Over at Peanut Butter and Jenny, she is doing a Monday link up of your goals for the week/month/summer and since this video has to do with my goals, I thought I'd participate in her wonderful idea!

Forgive me, it's awkward! Oh wells. Oh and I look madly depressed most of the time but that's how I come across mostly so just ignore that. Enjoy!



  1. oh a video! love it! thanks so much for the shout out :)

    p.s. I know how intimidating working out in the weight room can be but I PROMISE YOU .. the guys are WAY more focused on checking out their own bodies to be worried about anyone else! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! be confident and strong!

    1. thanks and you're welcome! haha yeah that is very true! thanks <3

  2. Aaaaaw,Tara! You are lovely,really... I love your voice! <3
    I know it seems so hard to accomplish all of those goals you've set for yourself,but never lose faith in yourself - YOU CAN DO IT! And hey,I believe in you. So you should do,too :)

    1. Aw thanks Kat!! I know I can do it, I just gotta stay motivated and work hard! <3

  3. Tayla <33333 I wish I could give you a GIANT AS HELL hug right now. Oh my goodness, that vlog just made my day. I had the biggest smile at the end (I'm serious) and I'm still smiling. You are so incredibly sweet, not awkward at all, and beautiful! I adore, adore your amazing smile! Believe it girly!

    Anyhoo, I'm so happy to hear all of your great goals! I feel like we should throw a giant fiesta goal party with all this positivity :P! You look gorgeous in a tank top btw. I know that I struggle with this a lot when I get closer to my goal weight, and probably will face this struggle again. I upped my calories a bit today, and although I didn't reach my "new" calorie goal, I am proud of myself and looking forward to the challenge tomorrow! I know that it is completely nerve racking though, so I recommend having a list of coping skills (maybe not exercise) ready and to have a list close by of why you want to recover.

    And yay for the gym! I know what you mean about those dang cardio machines. The stair climber should be called the deathly butt hole. I haven't been to the gym in a little over a year, but if I ever did go back I would totally be interested in weight training. In treatment, I was allowed to do that and I felt so strong afterwards.

    These are great goals Tayla <3! I KNOW you can do it. You can always ask me if you ever need extra support or meal planning support (we are already email buds ;)).