Monday, June 25, 2012

Going for the Goal #2 {Goal Update)

Two weeks ago I posted about my goals for this summer and they were:

-workout at the gym
-wear tank tops more
-up my calories

A little update on how I am doing with these:

-working out at the gym: WIN! I am doing this almost every day! Woot, I'm so proud of myself. The first day was hard because Ben and I decided to go on a day where it was crazy packed and I although I did do some legs, I got too overwhelmed and ended up running instead.
I've been going in the morning before work which has worked out nicely because most of the time, there are only older guys there or if I really get lucky, there is no one!! I get really excited when I'm the only one because then I can do whatever I want and not worry about who's there.
I think the biggest thing is just to try to block out everything else around me and just focus on what I need to do and what exercises I want to do instead of trying to read people's mind and figure out f they're looking at me or not.

-wearing tank tops more: semi-WIN...I wore one on the last two hikes that Ben and I did. It was super hot out so I just put one on and didn't care. It was kind of uncomfortable for me just because I wasn't used to it, but nothing great happens when you stay inside your comfort zone! Must remember that one.

-upping my calories: FAIL. Big time fail. I think I lowered them. With work now, I tend to not eat as much during the day, which was my other goal blarrr. I hate eating a ton at night so I end up with not enough to eat all day. In the morning I try to have a bigger breakfast but then I freak out and slack on lunch. Oh god, please help me haha! I'm laughing now, but really, I need to figure out how I can add in more during the day without having a complete melt down. Calories still scare the shit out of me and they really shouldn't...I mean they're just energy. Energy that is going to fuel me through the day and my workouts. I must up my energy then.

New goals for this week only:

-Prepare more balances meals: I can't remember the last lunch or dinner I had that was actually "real". I am pretty much living at Ben's mom's house and they eat a lot differently than me, so it's hard to eat the same foods. I usually bring my own stuff but I haven't been going home as often in order to prepare meals for myself. I want to do this again so that I can have more chicken and steak and such and feel like I'm being somewhat healthier.

-Eat more during the day and less at night: I've said this a million times, but I tend to eat less during the day and then freak out because I didn't get in enough calories so I stuff myself at night. I hate doing this and feel gross, so I have an idea! Don't do it! It's simple, really, just consume more energy when I actually need it and stop eating at night. Grrr.

-Figure out the car deal: Ben and I's car is sadly on it's last leg...okay, it has been for quite some time now. It won't pass inspection and I just don't feel like throwing money into such an old car is worth it. I'd so much rather go searching for something newer, but Ben isn't so sure what to do. I'm getting kind of frustrated with the whole deal, so I just want to make a decision and stick with it. Either search for a new car or fix this piece of junk.

Alright, that's good for this week! We'll see how I do<3

Also, thanks to Jenny at Peanut Butter and Jenny for putting this together!!


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  2. Great job on accomplishing the parts of the goals you have so far. I know how hard it can be, but I feel you did a really good job. You gave it your all, and that's all that really matter.
    Just like how the quote mentions growing -- growing isn't instant: it's one step at a time. You can do this, Tayla. I know you can. <3