Friday, June 24, 2011

okay so i figured out that i walk four miles during my morning walk. it takes me about 65 minutes. then i walk another 65 minutes in the afternoon which equals another four miles. that brings my total miles walked for the day at eight miles more or less. yesterday, however, i walked twelve miles because i walked six miles from ben's dad's house to his mom's house and then went to the gym with ben later and ran two miles on the tredmil and walked a mile and then biked three miles on the bike machine. wow was i tired after that day.

i have all my classes in order and my schedule all made for school. i have a lot of free time by the looks of it. i should have no problem going to the gym and being able to workout. it's exciting to know that it could be possible to see ben more often than just the weekends.

i was driving in the rain today and i noticed the wipers moving back and forth on the windshield. i entertained myself by pretending that the left one is the little brother who can't sleep without the door closed so he gets up and shuts the door but the right wiper is the older brother who likes the door open so he gets up after the little brother and opens the door. this is how the windshield gets clean. yes i'm wacked.

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