Friday, June 24, 2011

Mom and i went to harpswell  to look at houses today. we had gone to whole foods for lunch so when she asked if i wanted dinner on the way home i wanted to say no because i was feeling like i didn't need it or want to add any more calories to my day but i know she'd get mad if i didn't have anything. i didn't want anything big and i most definitely didn't want to go out to a restaurant. and what did we do? went out to a small little irish pub that my mom spotted on the side of the road. i was furious inside but had to calm myself down or else this was going to be awful for both of us. we ordered muscles and a small pizza to split. i kept going over in my head that it was going to be okay and that i needed to have dinner and the calories didn't matter. it turned out that i enjoyed the meal very much and i tried to forget about it on the drive home. i thought i did a good job at challenging ed that day. it was extremely hard but i got through it and hey, i'm still alive and happy!

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