Wednesday, September 26, 2012

{random eats and new recipes}

It's Wednesday! 

Thanks to Jenn for putting WIAW together every week :)

Here's some of my random photos from the past week. 

I cooked "oats" using this recipe! They were alright, I wasn't really a fan of the egg white texture but they were pretty good. 

I tried out a new bar, the good bean's chocolate berry! Super good. 

Squash with chicken nuggets from gardien, olives and hummus on the side. 

My go-to morning mug cake from health diva! I tried it with a little bit of hazelnut flour and topped it with chocolate protein goo!

The best smoothie ever taken from alexandra! I added peppermint stevia which made it to be banana-coconut-peppermint protein smoothie!

My go-to lunch: brown rice wrap filled with hummus, kale and salsa with some mustard!

That's about it for now! Hope you're having an awesome week <3


  1. that last e card speaks to me, my sarcasm is out of control sometimes!

  2. Can't ever go wrong w/ hummus & salsa together :) Perfect combo

  3. Hahaha,I love that e-card! :D
    And aren't wraps awesome? So versatile,tasty and super quick to prepare! Perfect! :)

    1. Wraps ARE great! I need to get more soon<3

  4. Hiya! haha love the card :)
    New to your blog and love it, thanks for the post. And wow! Morning mug cake!!!! *wipes drool from chin* def trying that


    1. Thanks! Mug cakes are awesome!! I just checked out your blog and added it to my favs<3

  5. Hello!

    I just found your blog and I really like it! Very inspiring. :)

    Hugs from Sweden!

  6. Mug cakes are my favorite simple snack!! Where did you buy the Good bean bars?? Love and Shine CourtStar

    1. Mug cakes are just awesome! I actually got the bars free from the company as a sample! <3