Sunday, September 9, 2012

{a through z}

So here's the deal, I love this girl and her beautiful blog. When I saw she had a survey-type thingy I jumped on it and stole it for my post. Here goes: 

[A] Avocados. I haven't always been a fan of these superfoods, but with my new plan I find myself having at least a third of one every day. Eating them plan with some mustard is how I have been liking them lately! How do you eat avocados?

[B] Brown Rice. If you were to look into our refrigerator, you would find containers of brow rice everywhere. This is my fault. I mistakenly made way too much the other day. The bag said 4-6 servings but obviously it made more like 20. Oh well, looks like we'll be eating brown rice for weeks. 

[C] Collage. I miss making my collages. I can't even remember the last time I actually made one...maybe like May? Gosh, so long. If I had the space at the apartment I would make something because it's such a relaxing thing for me. A definite stress reliever and a way to express myself. 

[D] Dying for something to do. Don't get me wrong, I love not working, but right now I am board out of my mind every day. I need a job badly just so I have something to do all day. 

[E] Enjoying the neighborhood. I love exploring our new surroundings. Besides walking to the gym everyday and seeing all the different houses and parks on the way, I have also wondered to the library and found the Job Lot too. Walking to the library was fun because I basically just started walking and somehow made my way there, got a library card and walked out with three books. I'm cool. 

[F] Family. I'm so thankful for my Mom. She's a life saver I swear. She's always trying to do things for me and thinking about me and I know I can go to her for anything. She supports me in whatever I choose and loves me like crazy. I miss her a lot. 

[G] Going to the Mall just to get a free 2oz Bath and Body Works hand cream. Ben just laughed at me when I told him, but he did make the trip with me. It was pretty much stupid but hey, I got something free, which in my book means it was a very good day. 

[H] Having clean clothes. How awesome is this? I mean clean clothes are not only like clean, but they smell great too! Ben and I made our first trip to the laundry mat today. I basically ran out of things to wear so it was needed and completely worth it. And, it wasn't as bad as I was imagining. 

[I] Ignoring voices. I have been really working hard on ignoring Ed's voice since starting my new eating plan. Ed doesn't like the idea of upping my carbs and eating so much but I'm not giving a crap about him. I am doing this for me and for strength!

[J] Jumping on boxes. Otherwise known as box jumps. I am new to them but love them already. I was scared at first because I feared I would totally miss the box and end up landing on my face. This didn't happen obviously and it turned out I'm pretty good at them. 

[K] Kabocha Squash. I could go on and on about how much I love this stuff but I'll save you the trouble of listening to me ramble. Just know that I love it. 

[L] Laughter. Nothing is better than being so filled with laughter that your abs hurt and you feel like you might pee. It's priceless.

[M] Music. I love music. It's so refreshing and gives me a sense of life. Some music just has the ability to speak to me and I find myself changed because of it, while other music just relaxes me and makes me feel alive. 

[N] Nut Butter. Specifically Macadamia nut butter. I just ran out and am tempted to get more but it's just so darn expensive. It's probably worth it though. Or I could make my own. 

[O] Old Cars and Trucks. It's my goal to be able to buy some kind of antique car or truck one day. They're just so cool, I can'y help it. 

[P] Playing Banana Grams. I made Ben play with me for two reasons. One, I love to play and two, I always win against him. Of course this time I won too. Never fails. 

[Q] Quitting my need for control. Ever since we moved into our apartment, I have been a bit on edge and in need on control all the time, which, as you can imagine, can get pretty annoying to those around you. I noticed my tolerance growing lower and my irritability increasing so I chose to step back and really see what my problem was. And to put it simply, I'm stressed. So the last couple of days I have been trying to relax more and just let things go. I even let Ben cook dinner without me trying to take control. It's a nice feeling actually. 

[R] Resting. Although I hate it, I know that rest days are essential to building muscle and taking care of my body. I really pushed myself to NOT do anything today. It wasn't easy but I just keep telling myself why I need it. 

[S] Studying. NOT. haha. Yeah so as Ben is starting school, I am finishing mine. Well my classes anyways. I start new ones next week but this week I am free! 

[T] Tuesday I have a job interview. I hope I get it. Wish me luck. 

[U] Understanding my new gym. I just found out that they have TWO weight rooms that both are equally as good. I don't really get the point but hey, more room for me and more choices! Also, I kinda want to go swimming there one of these days just to check it out.  

[V] Voicing my needs. Last night Ben and I decided to go to his friends apartment for a bit, but when we got there I felt extremely uncomfortable and realized that I just wanted to go home. I stayed for a little while but when everyone wanted to go play pool, I told Ben I didn't want to and we came home. I was proud of myself for speaking up and not just suffering through the night like I always do. 

[W] Watching endless episodes of Arrested Development. This show is so addicting. We're already on season 2, episode like 30 haha. I love it, it's so darn funny. 

[X] X-Mas. This is lame but I couldn't find anything else that started with an X to go here. I do like Christmas but it's just another holiday that has turned into all about presents.

[Y] You're Beautiful! Just face it, you're gorgeous! You are beautiful and loved just the way you are. 

[Z] Zevia soda. I bought a six pack of this stuff on Thursday and it was gone Friday night. There's something wrong with that, yet right now I am thinking I should run out and get more. 

Have a glorious week!!

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